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It's both healthy and sweet, and sure, he could live without it, but water just gets so boring after a while.

But Juice has flavor, and, though some people prefer milk or soda, juice suits Wally just fine.

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But french fries are a classic, and a favorite, and Wally knows he could live without them, but he sees no reason to. But sometimes, the wild ones that grow small and tart are the sweetest of all, if you can get past the tang.

Strawberry drinks or ice cream never actually tastes like proper strawberries, and Wally prefers the real thing to the mislabeled flavors.

~@~ M'gann is the easiest, because she was cookies from the start. But now the ones she makes are sweet, and she's making more, sugar and chocolate chip and snickerdoodle and gingersnaps.

They're the same basic recipe, and they're all delicious, but some still taste just a little bit odd sometimes.

Cookies are probably his favorite dessert, and, as long as M'gann makes them, he'll eat them, burned or not. Thick and stubborn and really hard to suck through a straw.

Sweet and liked by everyone, except maybe the lactose intolerant.

Wally likes milkshakes, though he doesn't always have the patience to sit through one. The liquid flows so pretty, but it doesn't have a shape without the bottle or glass it's in.

So, the Chatzy gang is amazing and awesome, and if the meme wanks itself to death, we'll all mourn and laugh together. Summary: Wally ranks his favorite people with his favorite flavors, and sometimes they fit the food assigned. Glorious, hard to get a handle on, comes with different toppings on different days, and full of fake shit and everything that's bad for him.

But it still makes me stay up til 3 am writing, when I should be in bed. It always leaves this greasy residue on his fingers, long after it's gone.

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