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– From our ever so happy Tipsy Bartender he’s demonstrating how to make another tropical and delicious drink …. With wintertime so cold for many land locked sailors, it’s always good to think of Hawaii anyway you can! In a stark warning to those who litter their electronic correspondence with kisses, the study discovered that 35 per cent of women and a quarter of men said that they had sent messages bearing kisses which had been wrongly seen as sexual by the recipient.She added: 'You even have the Prime Minister ending his emails in LOL, thinking it means Lots of Love.

Older ones are busy with their laughter therapy while the younger ones are practicing cricket.

And there is this cute little kid wearing his cricket uniform, with Watsa written on it. Did this shock you or shake you out of your complaisance?

Well, that’s only because we as a society treat sex as a taboo topic.

And most of us do not even know how to handle these questions when kids ask them.

The old approach of meeting these questions has also been shown.

Papa was once Pappu and he had dared ask his father ask this question. Because you can make a child shut up but you can’t !What he received was scolding and was asked to shut up! But this papa decides to be a ‘papa’ instead of a ‘baap’ and explains it. This is the first episode of the series and it looks super amazing.Not only is this fun and great, it also has a great social message.And this might just take the ‘taboo’ness out of sex and help parents open up to their children and talk about it more openly!This probably is the only series that has dared to venture into this zone and kudos to them for their thought!The only fact that saddens me is that this great webisode might not reach to a number of people in the country, given it has been released on the web and not on mainstream TV.


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