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Dinner time was the time my parents used to have us practice reading aloud our children’s Bible the stories and verses we were studying we were often learning about in Sunday School.We also closed with singing our Sunday school songs.My favorite one had the following words: Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul, Thank you, Lord, for making me whole; Thank you, Lord, for giving to me Thy great salvation so rich and free.

Just cut and glue the labels to your choice of envelopes.

Then use the coordinating blank cards to write your own personalized love letter to match the label’s theme.

(Print out as many pages as you need.) It doesn’t get any simpler {or sweeter} than that!

5 Cards for Your Mother-in-Law It's easy to remember your own mother, but sometimes not put as much emphasis on your Mother-in-Law. Show gratitude to your MIL for raising your amazing spouse using one of the 5 Adorable Mother-in-Law Cards! p=96606Jelly Bean Themed Date The Jelly Bean Date is a quick and easy spring date - All you need is a bag of Jelly Beans and our free printables! It includes a Moving binder with checklists, calendars and a fabulous box labeling system! p=96668Indoor Campfire Date Night This Diva Central Exclusive date night is perfect for camping lovers that don’t actually have the time or energy to trek to the woods to actually do it. Patty’s Themed Exercise Treasure Hunt Get the family outside and active again after a long, cold winter inside. Patrick's Day Exercise Treasure Hunt is an exciting and fun way to celebrate the holiday together!

She raised your spouse so she's earned just as much recognition as your own mom! p=93304Moving Kit Your move made easy with the ultimate Moving Organization Kit!

This date night idea will have the two of you making fort indoors, steaming up some hot cocoa and s’mores, and playing games around the campfire.

As a child and as a parent, dinner time was an important time to be together and it was expected for us to be there as a family.

Dad mounted a dinner bell outside the back door and whenever it rang we knew it was time to come in, wash up and set the table for dinner.

So I went looking for ideas to try to encourage us eating together.

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