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His clients have been nominated for Grammy and Emmy awards, won a Sundance Film Festival Best Director award, performed on stage and screen, and designed pop art for museums and collectors. Y., and is fiercely loyal to his alma maters, Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts and Trinity College in Connecticut.

The twice-married Dirty Harry star has enjoyed a string of romances and alleged affairs throughout his life, but admits he was never good at chatting up women.

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But for every lowest common-denominator lunkhead who merely "plays" or "likes" the game, there are 10 good-hearted, upstanding souls who understand the Victorian soul and selfless ethos of a True Golfer (yes, that's capitalized). I take no solace in Sergio's grim defeat this weekend and neither should you. Jay has played about 1,649,000 yards of golf - or roughly 938 miles.

These are souls who will be touched to see your innermost feelings, to hear how you're suffering, who will be inspired to hear you say - in your lowest moment - that introspection has helped you find a silver lining and that you're working on self-improvement in life, not just golf. If they won't turn, then just remember that and prove them wrong through hard work and perseverance. His pieces on travel and architecture appear in Golf Observer ( Cybergolf and other print magazines.

Your successes will provide ample crow for them to eat. When not researching golf courses for design, value and excitement, Jay is an entertainment, copyright, Internet and trademark lawyer and an Entertainment and Internet Law professor in Manhattan.

Where is it written that we all have to look alike? They looked and acted like the quintessential "Ugly Americans." I wonder if they would have behaved the same way if they were in Madrid . Think long and hard about people you admire in your life and see how many they embody of these virtues and why. What's virtuous about laughing as a man's life-long dream is in pieces at his feet? There must be communication, forgiveness and redemption. Nevertheless, let's see if terrible loss and repeated mistakes make him a better, stronger and more humble man. Crushing Sergio under the weight of this loss purely for sport makes us look much worse than any petty crimes you may perceive he has committed.

"I don't like him because he's arrogant - he and all his little hot girls running around. Sergio, there is a serious block between the American golf fans and media and yourself. He's young, yes, but is also mature enough to make requisite changes to get to the next level. If he doesn't learn from his mistakes and makes more, then be it on his head. As the legendary Bear Bryant once recommended as a universal precept: "To have class, to always have class." Since launching his first golf writing website in 2004, Jay Flemma's comparative analysis of golf designs and knowledge of golf course architecture and golf travel have garnered wide industry respect.

If you were a policeman or CIA agent, imagine you were about to capture Osama Bin Laden with the whole world watching, but he escaped under your clutches and everyone looked at you and began making jokes. and, horribly, your moment of triumph was dashed and the executive dies on the table.

Well, pretend for a moment you went to work today and your most important issue - a legal case, a critically ill patient, a college final, whatever - was ruined and everyone laughed at you.

As Sergio Garcia's putt to win the Open Championship in regulation lipped out, an enormous cheer went up from the group of cart boys, starters and golfers that were gathered around the bar of a Maryland daily-fee golf course. If you were a doctor, imagine being selected to operate on a president, a monarch or a senator . If you're a sportswriter, imagine you did a huge story and suddenly it turns out you were horribly wrong and now must not only pay the consequences, but that people scoff at your failing and hold you as a cautionary tale.

It was a disgusting, unprofessional, puerile display. If you're a teacher, imagine a student you spent all year tutoring to help pass a crucial exam, only failed, and everyone glared at your failure. When you ask that one person you've loved all your life the big question, she or he says they're marrying someone else. Now you see how tittering behind your back or laughing like a donkey at someone else's failure is despicable. Everything he's worked for during his relatively short life has been dashed by an erroneous 4-iron and balky putter. Monty has many more years of close calls and agony - albeit, more tournament wins and Ryder Cup appearances.


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