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I have not been this happy in a relationship in a VERY long time and I'm sure that my new profile helped to get my boyfriend's attention. I was almost ready to give up on the whole concept of online dating before trying e-Cyrano.

Given how well things have turned out, it was definitely a good investment.

I liked my completed profile a lot catchy, easy to read, and somewhat poetic.

I receive close to 10 contacts per day across all my accounts from ladies I've never contacted. I may have to abandon giving a personal response to each one...

If you're not getting the response you deserve from online dating, it's not your fault. Making women feel irresistible attraction with the written word is not something we're taught in school. It shouldn't surprise you: The most attractive women on dating sites are bombarded with DOZENS of messages every single day.

And 99% of those messages are from “normal guys” who seem, well... Since 2009, our dating agency has been running controlled experiments and have identified 7 traits that virtually every woman desires in a man – 7 traits that they always respond to online. But what I can tell you is that we've created, tested, and studied over 16,000 online dating profiles…

Now, obviously there are currently no "peer-reviewed research studies" proving exactly what works and what doesn't in every single situation. tweaking them based on psychological triggers that cause attraction in women...

so we KNOW what gets the best results for the vast majority of women.

Changing just one of them has given our clients up to 17% more messages.Changing all 7 will get you more responses from women than you can imagine.You wouldn't show up at a bar with greasy, unkempt hair, smelly old sweatpants and a shirt that proudly displayed the word LOSER..big bold letters if you were hoping to meet a great woman, would you?That’s most likely what you're doing right now in your dating profile. )But with expert assistance from someone who KNOWS professional profile writing, your first impression with women online can be like showing up in a red Ferrari, with the latest designer outfit and a 0 haircut.When you let us design your profile, we'll flex our professional writing muscles and keep your dating pipeline filled with new matches. Think about this for a moment: If you were to purchase a subscription for a year and add all the extra bells and whistles, it would cost you 1.76.And you would be essentially flushing that money down the toilet if you didn’t 1.76 into an irresistible profile that gets women eagerly responding to you.


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  2. As we can easily get a date or a chance meeting we are content, why should we use a pay site if we could use a free.

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