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The two hills at Grand Tower ^re limestone, but the Big Hill is sandstone, some of it is very white 2^ and was used for carving pillars and capitals for the state house at Springfield.

Elk Township consists of Town 7 South, Range 1 West of the third Principal Merdian. -The limestone land is full of sink-holes, funnel-shaped hollows, each having a subterranean passage for the rain- water that falls into it.

A quarter ild nearly represent either of "lacing them with the convex side L:;vvards each other, would leave a space oetween them to represent the hilly land, which is broad at each end but narrow in the middle, and at this narrow place, Big Muddy River, which drains most of this county and several others, breaks through on its way to the Mississippi. It would be well, perhaps, before pro- ceeding with the subject, to give some ac- count of the townships into which the county is divided. North of that line is sandstone, and south of it is limestone.

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Ro HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF JACKSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS. At this early time, all along the bluffs , east of Degognia Creek, the cane grew abundantly, and in the bottoms the rushes were in great abundance. Jones fled and took refuge on what is since called "Walker's Hill." This is the hill that is east of Grand Tower. William Mc Roberts settled under the *In 1843, and for several years afterwards, . He was a good citizen ; his greatest fault was intemperance.

Giving some account of the early settlement of the County, and of every TOWN AND CITY in the County; Together vpith a description of the Physical Geography of the County, and the navigation of its principal river by steam, — O -{ SECOND EDITION. The first settlers that ventured to settle east of Degognia Creek with their families, were a man named Reed and another man named Emsly Jones in 1802. Reed's Creek, Jones settled in the bottom near a pond called Jones' Pond.* Both came from the *See Westl)rook,s County Map. He was there arrested and taken to Kaskaskia and tried, found guilty and hung. William Boone, my father, who then lived on the east bank of Okaw* River below Kaskaskia, since 1803, commenced an improvement under the bluff, east of Degognia Creek. Here the writer of this sketch was born May, 6th 1807. John Biddle ran a horse-mill for grinding corn, near to where the county farm now is. He was the youngest brother of James Mc Roberts, father of Samuel Mc Roberts. In 1817, he bought a farm of John Morrow at the Big Hill and moved to it and greatly improved it.

JACKSOIs T ^Ol TTTTY Sheffieli HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF JACKSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS. The Indians were friendly towards these sugar-makers. In 1826, John Cline, a younger brother of George's, married Polly, the widow of Zephina Brooks. He was well off when he died in 1837, leaving five children. Boone uses the present tease, it must be remembered that lie alludes to some time between 18. f Sheep Island M-as just belo.'T the mouth of * 30 wife, in 1817. Jacob, a son, worked for my father at Sand Ridge, and he was in the ranging service.

A good deal was made east of that creek from time to time. George Cline intermarried and lived with the Brooks family until they moved to Lousiana. Mansker has since left the state, but has recently returned. There was a family by the name of Bril- hart that settled about this time under the bluff.

The French and Americans settled at Kas- kaskia, Prairie-du-Rocheri Caokia in Illi- nois, and at St. 26 The first white people who crossed De- gognia Creek, (the north-western boundary of Jaclisou County,) as I am informed, was for the purpose of making sugar from the sugar -tree. John Phillips, a tailor, t Tohn JSiddle* and Hugh Mc Millen, with some others, settled near.

The whites principally Canadian-French, with some Americans and English from the East. Yet they were all confined to a narrow strip on and near the Mississippi River, which was long known as the American Bottom. In 1804, Henry Noble and Jessee Griggs, his son-in-law, settled on Big Muddy Riv- er, north-east of Murphysboro, I think on the east bank.

25 SKETCHES Of the early settlemeut of JACKSON COUNTY, ILL. The Kaskas- kia tribe with a few others, were friendly to the whites, and sought protection with them against their enemies.

It is composed of fossil shells, is hard and will bear a high polish. An attempt was once »iade to quarry it foi* marble, but there are no roads to it. Henry E)il]'nger burned lime there to be used at Muqhysboro when the town was first settled. Prior to the year 1800, the whole country was occupied by the different tribes of In- dians, many of them hostile.

Bald Rock is a spur of the limestone hills that terminates in a large, naked and rocky point, overhanging Big Muddy.

Near the same place there are in- scriptions on a rock; a species of picture, writing.

At one place on the west side of the hill, the sur- face is strewn with peojiliarly shaped stones that are regular in form, being shaped like rail-road ties and from six to twelve feet in length.


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