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She had 'vomited up' the heads after swallowing them, telling RSPCA officers that she had 'wanted to keep them'.On Thursday she was given a four-month jail term suspended for two years in what magistrates called an 'unpleasant, not to say bizarre, incident' of animal cruelty.

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Joy, 50, (pictured top left with Charlie) added: Charlotte is really strong but as the doctors keep reminding me, everyone heals differently.

I am just so thankful that she's able to communicate with us again.

We have been beside ourselves with worry, but the fact Charlotte is now conscious is amazing.' Charlie tweeted pictures of herself when she was first in hospital (main) before her condition worsened.

TV presenter Charlie Webster is battling back from a rare tropical disease and has woken from her coma in hospital in Rio, her mother said today.

As she woke, the 33-year-old said to her family at her bedside, 'Look at all these machines keeping me alive'.

Her mother Joy, who has flown to Brazil from her home in Leeds, West, Yorkshire, said: 'It has been the worst imaginable time.' Former Sky Sports host Charlie, who is fighting for her life after being struck down with a form of malaria two weeks ago, was brought out of her coma and will remain conscious while doctors carry out tests.

She is in Rio as one of the official presenters for Team GB and took part in a six-week challenge to cycle to Brazil from the UK in time for the Games.

Michael Baranowski, 33, broke into the home of Robert and Anne-Marie Taylor and took cameras and a computer containing photographs of their 11-year-old daughter Caitlyn (pictured right with the Duchess of York and left with footballer Tim Cahill), who died following a battle with leukemia in 2011.

He also stole several pieces of jewellery, including a necklace that was given to Mrs Taylor by her other daughter following Caitlyn's death.

Baranowski, who lived near the family in Deeside, North Wales, was arrested after his fingerprint was found at the scene.

Jennifer Lampe (pictured), 28, from Shropshire, was found by police with the still-moving but headless body of her boa constrictor (bottom left) around her neck and both reptiles' severed heads in her trouser pockets, after she had cut them off with scissors and a knife (top and centre left).

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