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Posted: 12th March 2012 by Tracy in dating Tags: xxx black book, xxx black book review, xxx black book reviews, xxx black book scam, xxxblackbook, xxxblackbook review, xxxblackbook reviews, xxxblackbook scam, xxxblackbook.com, review, reviews If you we’re to check Alexa in March 2012 you would notice that at the moment and for the past couple of month’s has been declining.

The reason this is happening is because has a lot more male than female members in fact most of the people that joined are questioning if any of the female members are even real.

Being that is a new site I cannot comment on this and to be frank I’m not sure what I am sure of is that since the success of one adult dating network has gone more public a lot of fake adult dating networks are popping up all over the internet.

The online adult dating industry is very competitive and from years in this trade one thing that I’ve learned is to stick with larger adult online dating sites that have been successful for more than 10 years.

does not qualify in my book from the look of their front webpage I wonder if they have any female members.

I’m not here to tell anyone what to do with their money I’m, just say I don’t trust and based on the xxxblackbook’s declining web traffic I have a feeling that people are leaving and not coming back.

I’m sure most of the people reading this have heard of and e Harmony.

The one thing most customers don’t know about these two dating websites is the amount of money they spend in advertising, this is what brings in male and female.

In the adult dating industry at the moment there is only company that is trusted by millions of users Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder currently has over 40 million users and continues to grow.

Now the numbers I mentioned previous are not inflated, most adult dating review sites inflate numbers Adult Friend Finder has this much members.

I want to make a disclaimer here joining Adult Friend Finder does not guarantee you will meet someone but based on their membership numbers Adult Friend Finder provides a very good opportunity to meet someone.

I’ve used Adult Friend Finder on several occasions it’s great I will be honest and say it took me about 3 month’s to fully grasp how Adult Friend Finder worked.

In a nut shell from my experience you have to mix and mingle and almost network with other people, I got invited to quite a few parties and gatherings and met some great people that I would have never known without this site.


  1. Wrong dates and countless cheese pickup lines could make you feel like giving up and be alone forever.

  2. This site provides maximum security measures to all its members.

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