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All online sexual performance merits consideration by the performers and producers any risks of an obscenity prosecution.

I view obscenity laws as First-Amendment violative, but the courts see it otherwise.

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Five years ago, I was sitting next to a couple I’d just met at a friend’s dinner party in Brooklyn.

They were the type of adorable couple that makes you want to puke, holding hands underneath the table and finishing each other’s sentences.

I have had a long standing debate with a woman I know about this topic.

Basically she meets a man on some sort of chat site, dating, etc and then performs sexual acts on her private webcam in exchange for payments.

Payments range, she is of legal age as well as the men (usually much older).Now my question here is, is this a form of prostitution- can she get in legal trouble for this or not?Too me it seems highly likely that it is, but with the the internet today who knows.She is not doing this through a professional third party website. According to Virginia Code someone is guilty of prostitution when they perform any of a wide variety of sexual acts on another person for compensation.Your friend isn't selling sexual acts, but rather sexual videos or photos. As a lawyer who many times has provided legal counsel to people providing online and offline adult entertainment, I say that the activity you mention is not prostitution.I also say that providing online sexual performance can expose one both to the laws of the state where the performance is produced and uploaded, and of the state/nation where the performance is broadcast to.


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