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Police who were patrolling the busy area watched the celebrations without flinching.Earlier, before the official programme started, security guards kept a close eye on the crowd as ANC officials handed out T-shirts and food to those making their way into the stadium.In his prepared speech, Zuma said no schools were burnt in 1976 to protest against Afrikaans as a medium of instruction and Bantu Education in general.

For others, June 16 meant drinking in public without getting into trouble with the law.

They held their bottles up in the air in jubilation while playing loud music.

Different sounds came from all directions, blaring out loudly through speakers which were mostly placed on the backs of bakkies.

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma used Thursday's June 16 commemorative event to appeal for an end to the spate of violence and protests, but hundreds of young people missed out on his message.

As Zuma was delivering his keynote address at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, many partied outside the stadium, drinking alcohol freely.

After the security staff barred alcohol from the stadium, many wasted no time in leaving the venue, and the nearby routes were soon turned into street parties as the youths indulged in booze.

Bottles of whisky and wine lay strewn along the roads.

Even before Zuma could begin addressing those in the stadium, programme directors repeatedly reprimanded a few young males who were banging stadium cubicles with their feet.

Security personnel gave orders that the rowdy youths be removed from the stadium.


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