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Web API does not automatically return an error to the client when validation fails. It is up to the controller action to check the model state and respond appropriately. You can also create an action filter to check the model state before the controller action is invoked.

"Under-Posting": Under-posting happens when the client leaves out some properties.

Is Valid) { // Do something with the product (not shown). (For example, the data layer might enforce foreign key constraints.) The tutorial Using Web API with Entity Framework explores some of these issues.

Controllers { public class Products Controller : Api Controller { public Http Response Message Post(Product product) { if (Model State. Additional validation might be needed in other layers of the application.

When a client sends data to your web API, often you want to validate the data before doing any processing. Whether this is a problem depends on your scenario.

This article shows how to annotate your models, use the annotations for data validation, and handle validation errors in your web API. NET Web API, you can use attributes from the System. Data Annotations namespace to set validation rules for properties on your model. For example, in an update operation, you might want to distinguish between "zero" and "not set." To force clients to set a value, make the property nullable and set the Required attribute: model.

Models { public class Product { public int Id { get; set; } [Required] public string Name { get; set; } public decimal Price { get; set; } [Range(0, 999)] public double Weight { get; set; } } }using My Api. The model state is valid, because zero is a valid value for these properties.

The JSON formatter assigns a default value of zero to the missing properties.

Bad Request, Model State); } } } } Model validation does not guarantee that client data is safe.

In this case, the JSON formatter simply ignores this value.


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