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[ Italian typographer, type designer and printer (b. Alpignano, 1968) who created the garalde typeface Tallone for his own private press in Alpignano in 1949-1952.

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Eurostile lookalikes include Aldostile (Autologic), ES (Itek), Eurasia (Soft Maker), Eurogothic, Eurostar (MGI Software), Eurostyle, Eurostile Next (Akira Kobayashi), Gamma, Jura (Daniel Johnson), Microgramma, Micro Square (Soft Maker), Microstyle (Compugraphic), Nuevo Sol Stile (Cayo Navarro), SD Eurostile Elite (Justin Rotkowitz), Square 721 (Bitstream), Waltham.

Noteworthy is Eurostile Round (2014), a rounded version of Eurostile by URW++. Alessandro Colizzi explains: From 1965, following a marketing-oriented approach focused on the user, the management set a research group of graphic designers to work on a new typeface design.

Headed by Novarese, who provided the basic alphabet, the team included Franco Grignani, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Till Neuburg, Ilio Negri, Pino Tovaglia, Luigi Oriani, and Bruno Munari.

The collective design process was based on an analysis of contemporary sanserif typefaces and legibility tests, to develop a more mature, humane interpretation of the Swiss sanserif trend.

The process was quite laborious with monthly meetings spanning across over two years.

In 1968, Forma was eventually released as lead type.

As its name implies, Forma aimed at representing the ideal letterform of its time, equally appealing to designers, printers and the general public.

One of the preeminent Italian Rationalist architects of the 1930s and 1940s. In 1938 he edited the book "Manuale pratico per il disegno dei Caratteri", in which he proposed a rationalist view towards type design.

The Landi stretto typeface he proposed comes with all measurements explicitly spelled out. [ Type foundry, aka Adlertype, from the middle part of the 20th century, located in Pavona, Italy.


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