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You need to change the boot order to run Ubuntu without installing it on hard disk.To do so, move to BIOS menu by pressing F2, F10, Del, F9 or other specified key at system startup.

The benchmarking apps are generally built to diagnose PC problems and check the actual ability of a component and its performance in presence of other installed system devices.

For instance, a high-end GPU may not be able to perform at its peak ability with one or more incompatible system components.

Similarly, main memory requires compatible motherboard and CPU to give its best performance.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple way to benchmark all the system components, and therefore, one needs to manually check each component’s performance while using the installed OS.

If you’ve just bought a new/old PC and haven’t installed OS on your computer, you could use Ubuntu Live Disk to thoroughly benchmark PC hardware to check system performance without having to install Windows.

For those who are not familiar with Ubuntu Live CD/Disk, it’s a simple testing platform that allows user to check quick demo of Ubuntu OS without changing the system.Ubuntu Live CD/Disk can be used to diagnose numerous system issues, run tools to fix complex problems like reset Windows admin password, hard wipe disk partitions, recover hard disk data and repair lost partitions, and scan hard disk for potentially dangerous viruses.Since Ubuntu open source software repository holds a multitude of system testing and benchmarking tools to test the stability of different system components, one can use it to conduct tests for measuring overall performance of the system and identifying compatibility issues of various installed system components.To get started, you need a persistent Ubuntu Live Disk that allows installing additional utilities to run heavy benchmark tests.In our previous guide, we showed you how to create a persistent Ubuntu Live Disk.Just follow the steps to create one, and then plug it into system whose components are to be checked for performance.


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