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But everything is not so bad – you can help us yourselves in the fight against cheating to make it easier for us to find and delete them.Any crook may require your money to get to the place of your meeting.

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Group of hackers named “The Impact Team” got the access to confidential database information of service Ashley Madison, as Krebs on Security informs.

Data of some people from 37 millions users have appeared already in open access.

According to words of hackers they wanted to show unfair policy of company Avid Life Media — of the owner Ashley Madison, which offers the service of «complete deleting» of account for $19.

Avid Life Media do not deny the fact of hacking the site.

Most of the Dating sites are full of them also and many of them even don’t try to shuffle scammers off. Simply swindlers often look very respectable – they use attractive profiles, high-quality pictures that very impressed many visitors.

Our policy is quite different – we specially take measures to shuffle off the malicious scams.

Several dozens of suspicious profiles are removed by us every day and yet deceivers take some tricks penetrating through our protective screens.

Hackers proved that data after complete deleting continue being kept further. Only for the last year it brought to company ,7 million.

The full demands of “The Impact Team” are to close Ashley Madison and its affiliate sites Avid Life Media – Cougar Life and Established Men (which offers « to connect young ladies with interesting men»).

Otherwise, hackers promise to put into the net the full databases of all customers of this dating site.

Hackers mean their credit transactions, real surnames and addresses and profile notes with their «secret erotic fantasies».

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