Two friends dating the same guy

Its hard to get a read on her given she is so shy, but i think she might say yes if i ask her out.

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Amongst my circle of friends there is this girl that both my friend and I like.

He said it would be fun to casually date her, but wouldn't want to pursue anything long term. I have a feeling that if we were to go out he wouldn't stop his flirting or he may make his feelings known.

Which would lead to drama in the group and possible divide.

The fact that it seems he isn't being honest bothers me and I am not sure if I can trust him.I could tell the girl what he said about her, but that seems like a dirt bag thing to do.I am not necessarily worried about what might happen with my male friend because we have never been very close.I am more concerned how the girl(who is very shy) and the group overall will react.I feel like the drama of two guys liking her would scare her away and also may cause the group to divide. He continues to be very flirtatious with her and tries to impress her. Should I have another talk with him and ask him to be honest?I realized that my friend liked this girl and so I was upfront with him and told him I liked her. He said he did like her, but wasn't seriously interested in her. Should I just ask her out and then deal with what might happen afterwards?


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