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I got myself a Tinder account and assembled a group of experienced users to help me make the most of it.When I ask my friends Hans, Vinnie and Arkadoosh why they use Tinder, they answer to "meet women" — using neither of those words."They're almost never as good as they look in their profile pictures," Hans, 25, warns me.

I'm out to lunch with James when he notices the pretty girl sitting at the table next to us using Tinder. James, whose brief visit to Russia saw him flooded with a deluge of matches on the app, starts twitchily checking his own profile to see if he's received the swipe of approval.

She stops to take a closer look at a man in trunks with washboard abs.

The girl is tossing aside preening man after preening man with the flick of her thumb.

The idea of turning around and simply saying "Hi" to the girl is unimaginable.

Headshots of girls gazing pensively off-camera are common.

Slap on a black-and-white filter for extra emo points.Also popular: girls in summer dresses posing amid flowers and trees; bikini shots standing knee-deep in the ocean; unsmiling close-ups with a palace, a cathedral, a London telephone box, a mountain, the Eiffel tower; provocative selfies taken in bed, with frilly nightclothes and pouting lips; duckface.Welcome to the clandestine virtual battlefields of Tinder.The use of Tinder, which enjoys ubiquity and notoriety as a dating app in Europe and the U. The app works like this: You create a profile and the app shows you photos of people in your general vicinity who are also on the app.If you would be open to going out with them, you swipe their photo to the right; if not, you swipe to the left.If you swipe right on someone who also swipes right on you, you are "matched" and have the opportunity to communicate via the app's messaging system.

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