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Starline says it has "absolutely no intention to conduct a TMZ-branded tour after May 11, 2016, without EHM's participation," while Levin's company on Wednesday pointed the judge's attention to the fact that Starline continues to sell tickets past that date.

As a result, it is continuing to push for an injunction with a hearing scheduled for May 2.

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to promote the hell out of the incident — Starline's owner Kamrouz Farhadi submitted his own declaration in court where he talked about a Feb. Among those at the meeting were Starline's attorney Mohammed Ghods and Levin. This, of course, was very disappointing to Starline to have its partner steal the business in this manner.

Indeed, I have learned that EHM has been aggressively advertising their new bus tour online, through a myriad of local hotels, and other marketing channels." The deal over the TMZ tour bus requires payments to be made to EHM five days after Starline hands over a reconciliation statement each month accounting for revenue and expenses.

Starline admits that it typically has been late in rendering such payments, but tells the judge that dating back to 2010, there was never any objection to the handling of tour money, the use of a bank account nor the payment of net profits.

On April 7, a high-speed chase on a Los Angeles freeway got a lot of attention.

Two men, who are accused of burglary, captivated television viewers with a two-hour attempt to elude authorities. At one point, the vehicle, a Ford Mustang convertible, became trapped by a TMZ tour bus.

The media site was certainly proud of its cameo, and it was definitely great promotion for the celebrity tour it has been running since 2010.

Except that two weeks earlier, TMZ canceled its celebrity tour bus deal with its partner, Starline Tours of Hollywood, alleging in a lawsuit that Starline kept missing payments.

Starline says that due to "long-standing, silent acquiescence," EHM waived strict compliance with the agreement's clauses.

Starline also brings up another part of the contract that could factor heavily in the coming months and might complicate Levin's ambitions.

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