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Symptoms may include In the early stages, doctors look at your symptoms and medical history to figure out whether you have Lyme disease.

In the later stages of the disease, lab tests can confirm whether you have it. If not treated, the disease can cause problems with the joints, heart and nervous system.

Introduction In the early 1970s, a mysterious clustering of arthritis cases occurred among children in Lyme, Connecticut, and surrounding towns.

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By the mid-1970s, scientists were busy describing signs and symptoms of Lyme disease to help doctors diagnose patients.

Scientists eventually learned that antibiotics were an effective treatment, and that the bite of the deer tick was the key to the spread of disease.

None of these findings, however, happened overnight.

In fact, it wasnt until 1981through a bit of puzzle solving and keen recollectionthat the cause of Lyme disease was identified and the connection between the deer tick and the disease was discovered.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that features a skin rash, swollen joints and flu-like symptoms.

You get the disease from the bite of an infected tick.Sometimes it is hard to know if you have Lyme disease because you may not have noticed a tick bite.Also, many of its symptoms are like those of other diseases.Lyme disease is still mistaken for other illnesses, and it continues to pose many other challenges, including the following: It can be difficult to diagnose. A number of different ticks can transmit diseases with symptoms like Lyme disease.Deer ticks can pass on diseases other than Lyme disease.This booklet presents the most recently available information on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Lyme disease.


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