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Near the end of many therapies, when the trauma has been cleared, the distressed ego states have been integrated, and the clients are making concrete changes in their lives, many single clients think about finding a mate.

They turn to online dating, which brings up piles of therapeutic issues: "Am I lovable, attaractive enough, capable of finding someone who will be good for me, etc." Here is my best dating advice to them: As a therapist, I get to make therapeutic hay out of many dating issues.

While clients are dating we may work on self-esteem, self-awareness, assertiveness (just say no!

), worthiness, attractiveness, and differentiation. Often, I find that a client's baby ego state is going on the dates, looking for a mommy in the other person.

Her plan, an attempt to dupe her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a couple years prior, proves to be her undoing.

This version was placed here to help those who cannot afford to purchase the movie, but are focused on saving or improving their relationship.For more info on this movie - Review the imdb website, where you can also find links on where to purchase this movie.In that case, we turn the baby around until it faces the adult self, and I say, "Look into the eyes of that child. Take her on a tour of your adult life: your job, car, apartment, good friends, dog.Are you (the adult) willing to be the one that takes care of her, holds her, comforts her, and makes sure she's never alone? Let her know that you're the one she needs to turn to. Are you ready to hug her into you, where she can feel your adult presence holding her all the time? Now when you think about dating, what feels different?And let her know that you're picking the guys from now on, because she keeps picking the old inadequate mommy/daddy/same boyfriend. Remember, if she pops up and adores someone, that might be your signal to run away as fast as you can."As you accompany clients through the dating process, keep doing therapy. And sometimes, lending your common sense is adequate. " "How many of your 'absolute nos' does he fit? " I've seen clients become more assertive, more differentiated, and more sure of themselves in the process of dating.And I've seen many settle down with a "good enough" partner, which brings a whole new set of issues.


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