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So paying the ,500 per month fee (he got a pre-launch special) is “not a big deal,” he told us.“It’s a few gym memberships.” And it has apparently paid off. “I feel like a king.” A month and a half ago, when David broke up with his girlfriend of almost a year, the thought of returning to online dating while working 60 to 70 hours a week was overwhelming.The most off-putting thing was all the back-and-forth before the date.

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If your shaggy hair is a potential dealbreaker, a stylist might be called in to give you a trim.

Then, after interviewing you to determine what your type is, MB approaches members of sites like e Harmony, Tinder, and Ok Cupid on your behalf, setting up blind dates with the ones who seem to be a good match for a long-term relationship.

Paying the equivalent of your monthly rent to have anl emissary trawl online dating sites might seem absurd to you.

But it seemed worth it to David, one of five clients that have signed up for MB in its first months of operating “underground, word-of-mouth,” per ’s $1,000-a-month classes.) As a sales manager who’s also working to launch two start-ups, David rakes in $200,000 a year.

“There was no surprise, no real connection.” David claims he was an “above average dater” before using the service, and at the age of 27 he’s been in long-term relationships.

But the dates themselves were often a frustrating experience.“I have a lack of things to talk about sometimes and when I do talk I tell some pretty crazy stories and maybe come on too aggressively,” he said.You’d think meeting someone is easier than ever in this age of swiping, but a new startup wants you to pay ,000 per month to outsource your online dating. helps men “live like a stud” by teaching them how to approach women with confidence.After we introduced you to him last year, the “wingman for hire” and “real-life Hitch” appeared in outlets like the and WPIX.Last week he officially launched a new endeavor, Mervyn Bunter. Sayers novel, it’s a self-described “online-dating concierge.” Here’s how it works, according to : first, one of Mervyn Bunter’s six female employees helps build your online dating profile.To make sure your profile photo isn’t some sad selfie, Mervyn Bunter might throw a cocktail party for you so you can be professionally photographed among friends (and other MB clients).


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