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Ateliere interactive de batere monede, metalurgie, producție echipamente militare, pielărie, ceramică, prelucrarea osului, coafură sau jocuri romane transpun publicul în perioada de înflorire culturală și economică a castrului.

Tradițională la încheierea oricărui eveniment de acest profil, bătălia ce va incuna programul Festivalului Roman Apulum opune tăvălugului de neoprit al legiunilor romane, zeci de barbari însetați de răzbunare.

În războaiele din antichitate, arcașii erau soldați importanți ai armatelor.

Imperiile s-au ridicat și au apus prin folosirea arcului cu săgeți ca armă.

La Festivalul Roman Apulum, publicul poate trage cu arcul în cadrul atelierelor de luptă, luând parte la o activitate ce datează de cel puțin 20 de secole.

Artele şi meşteşugurile populaţiei care a locuit pe aceste meleaguri acum două mii de ani aduc vizitatorii în atmosfera de legendă a locurilor.

He was convicted in 2010 of stabbing a man to death and attempted armed robbery.

The first claim of responsibility - attributed to dissident republicans and made with a code word to the BBC in Belfast - drew scepticism from seasoned commentators in Dublin while the top brass in the Garda said they were keeping an open mind and pointed to a 'criminal' element.Eddie Jnr, who has 189 previous convictions for crimes including theft and car break-ins, walked away from Winning Streak with €33,000 in cash and prizes after his younger brother appeared for him on the RTÉ show last September.According to a press release from the Diocese, the Reverend B.Samuel Turillo, "is now prohibited from exercising the sacred ministry after the Diocese received a credible accusation regarding alleged sexual misconduct involving a minor that took place approximately 60 years ago." The release notes that Turillo's faculties to serve as a priest were removed in accordance with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People."Upon recently receiving the allegation, the Diocese immediately reported the information to the Rhode Island State Police and the Attorney General's Office," the release noted.Another of Hutch's relatives currently behind bars, Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, was been moved to a secure wing of prison to deter assassins.


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