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Cute: For their outing, Nina looked casual in skinny jeans with a sheer white top, red Chanel purse, grey shirt boots and a key around her neck.

Anything that gets her out of the music industry is good...shes a nasty anti-vigin.

God will be angry if you buy her music --- stop now and save your soul!!!!

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They made sure the "couple" were photographed going into HER hotel at 4 A. Harry conspicuously carried and overnight kit and a clean t-shirt.(Maybe he doesn't wear underwear or maybe he doesn't change them.)This morning they are photographed as both conspicuously left, separately, to make sure everyone knew they spent the night together. I'd bet Harry's boyfriend was already lubed up and waiting for him. The onyl thing is Harry is considered aplayer, and a "stud" (don't laugh) and Taylor has promoted a goody goody image which is now at risk. Shady piece anyway, because there's no way Nick Grimshaw has invested all that time and effort for the past year+ to act as gooseberry so Harry Styles can use him to 'talk to' Taylor Swift. There's some talk that Harry has no say in this and is being forced to do it but who knows. I do know the things being said about he and Grimshaw in particular lately would have been worrysome for his brand-hungry backers and reps.

I guess we are the only ones who realize Harry is gay. Maybe at 42 I'm too old to appreciate it, but I remember being 18 very well, so I can see Harry being attractive to another young guy. But, still, hooking up with Taylor Swift is akin to donning a giant rainbow flag. It is obvious the park stroll and hotel pictures were ready-to-go camera ops though.

The powers that be must have figured the Selen and Justin thing might be getting ready to explode and the Robsten Twilight is finally over or definitely in it's deaththroes. Harry can disappear for days on end with discretion (so can Taylor) even around other big stars so it's no real stretch to assume he could visit Taylor Swift more discreetly than making it look like a sex call at the front door twice in a row.

Despite what it's being made to look like though, there's nothing to say they aren't friends.

A guy can have a girl friend, though of course they will know the way it looks to the outside world.

I'd expect some PDAS soon, to make it look extra ridiculous.

Only good thing of late was an interview with Louis wanking an indoor plant off in front of Harry. I suspect Taylor Lautner is man-friendly given the numerous rumours and hints on it?

I still hope those two are knocking boots.[quote]The fangurls and the fanbois are lapping it up. So poor Taylor has made a grand bargain with the Devil: She gets to have a new, public "boyfriend" to help promote her album, and Harry gets the additional publicity and expanded markets her fans open up to him. She took absolute howls of derision from the internet for 'dating' Jake Gyllenhaal. I saw a chart of men Taylor had been linked to yesterday.

Seriously, I do wonder if Taylor Swift girl is gay? Literally, about 3 people bought it and their PR brought it to an abrupt end because people were just laughing. But then she bounces back to seemingly pick up (or that's how it's being played out) yet another strongly-rumoured fruity type. Many of those named had had gay rumours or were the type to be aspiring or looking for a career boost: Chace Crawford, Zac Efron, Lautner, Jake G, John Mayer (remember the 'kiss' with Perez that got buried? Taylor possibly being gay herself was something that came to me over time, just watching the way her life gets played out.


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