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THE AUTHOR of that sentiment is Ronald, a 6’ 7” man whose most recent girlfriend was five feet tall.

We’ve all seen couples like this, and maybe, if you’re like me, you’ve asked yourself, “What’s up with that? ” When I say “if you’re like me,” I mean you are a female person of average- to-above-average height, looking down on the petite and up at the tall and trying to figure out the attraction when the height difference is, as Ronald puts it, “a little dramatic.” Or occasionally astonishing.

Part of the matter from the male point of view seems to be the question of protecting the mate.

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Any display of female independence is appalling and to be frowned up according to the likes of Matt Forney and others holding ‘traditional’ *cough* misogynist *cough* views, but that’s another story.5. Whilst it’s theoretically your size, the dress that’s intended to be only slightly risqué turns pornographic as it struggles to fall past your bum.7.

Hanging out in town with your best friend or taking your little sister for a walk? You’ve probably been mistaken for someone’s mum before too since you must be older if you’re taller, right? ‘You’re tall for a girl’ is a perfectly acceptable comment but tell a guy he’s short and suddenly you’re the devil. We can’t control our natural height, so I propose that we embrace it!

You can be the butt of all cliché tall person jokes (‘How’s the weather up there? ) but dare to crack a short person joke and you’re the biggest jerk on the planet.9. Cute trainers tend to resemble miniature boats once they get to our size and whilst high heels will flatter almost any foot size, they will make you the human equivalent of the Eiffel Tower, looming awkwardly over the dainty little Parisians. After all, we are capable of more independence, we are the envy of all 20-something year olds that can barely reach the bar on a night out and we always stand out from the crowd without even trying!

The familiar eye-rolling of disbelief when you have to tell people ‘I’m not fat, it’s because I’m tall! Sure, the smaller clothing sizes might fit, but we need some tops that actually reach our jeans too! Tall ladies, you are Amazonian Goddesses and you can crush any tiny insect that tells you otherwise.

Yes, you would be grossly overweight at 10+ stone, but it’s pretty standard for tall people.10. March forth and intimidate those shallow mortals that can’t appreciate you for the genetic wonder that you are!

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I once read, in a book about witchcraft, about something called the Wheel of Attraction. Once you found your body type you would look to the other side of the wheel and find what was supposed to be the ideal body type for the person you want to be with.

In response to an article written by our editor ‘6 Reasons Why Being a Short Guy is Lame’, I wanted to provide some insight into how being a tall girl is no piece of cake either. Luckily for them, and you, I’ve summarised a list of ten major tall girl problems.1. If you’re unlucky enough to be big-boned too, a lot of people want to start fights with you because of your natural gladiator-esque physique.

At 5’11” I’ve always been taller than most people that I know and secretly envied how shortness in a girl automatically equals cute. People assume you want to be the leader of the pack and think they need to put you down and assert their dominance over you. You can be identical in width but the height makes all the difference.6.

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