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In college, she continued competing and training, though she had slowed down from her peak years. She retired from swimming after the 1984 Olympics, and was a commentator for swimming events as well as taking advantage of her fame with commercial endorsements.Caulkins trained especially hard for the 1984 Olympics, and not only made the team, but was captain of the swim team, and at Los Angeles, won three gold medals and was named Sportswoman of the Year by the U. Tracy Caulkins married Australian swimmer, Mark Stockwell, in 1991, their romance having begun at the 1984 Olympics when he jumped into a warm-up pool to introduce himself.They married in Nashville and moved to Australia, where they had three children who have dual citizenship.

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'It [the shark] was only about two metres away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face,' he said before adding about the dolphins: 'They had corralled us up to protect us.' Mr Waters is ecstatic after his 6 hour swim in Malta: The Ocean Sevens challenge involves participants swimming the Irish Channel, the Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar According to the Ocean Sevens website, only one person has ever completed the entire Ocean Seven challenge which includes the participant swimming the Irish Channel, the Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar.

Mr Walker hopes to be the first British man to complete the challenge and after successfully swimming the Cook Strait, he is preparing for the most challenging and final swim - the Irish Channel: a stretch of water between Ireland and Scotland, infamous for it's freezing temperature and difficult nature.

Also known as: Tracy Caulkins Stockwell, Tracy Ann Caulkins, Tracy Ann Stockwell Occupation: after 1984 retirement, executive officer for the Australian Academy of Sport in Queensland, Australia, and was president of Womensport Queensland Records and Awards: Tracy Caulkins was born in Minnesota and lived in Iowa until she was six.

It was a magical sight for those watching, as Mr Walker's long strokes were matched by the jumping figures of approximately 10 dolphins, who came so close to the swimmer that he brushed a tail as he swam.

Mr Walker was partaking in his sixth swim as part of the Ocean's Seven challenge in which participants attempt to swim what are considered the seven hardest long-oceans around the world, while raising money for the The athlete later added the following comment to his Facebook page after completing the swim: 'Yesterday I swam the 6th of the 'oceans seven' swims 'Cook Strait' in 8 hours 36 mins.

But that doesn't tell the whole story rolling waves, big currents but more important than that a dream come true swimming with dolphins over an hour!!Despite being told not to worry about sharks by legendary New Zealand swimmer Philip Rush, who mentored Mr Walker before his swim and having crossed the strait eight times himself, Mr Walker confirmed he 'had a go at him' once he'd finished his swim.She began swimming when she was eight, after the family had moved to Nashville, Tennessee.While reluctant at first to swim in cold water or get her face wet, she began to train in earnest as her talent became apparent.Though her father worked for the public schools, the family transferred her to a private school when the public schools could not accommodate her training schedule.At age 13, Tracy Caulkins participated in the trials for the 1976 Olympics. She continued to win national and international titles, and was disappointed in 1980 when the U. boycotted the Moscow Olympics over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In 1981, Tracy Caulkins began college at the University of Florida, graduating in 1985 with a focus on broadcast journalism.

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