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We have amazing sex and although my voice sounds nothing like her; my moans do!! *Dripping wet* Lasting 16 minutes isn't a big deal I don't understand people who say they cum in 2 minutes surely that isn't possible?

I go down on my girlfriend untill she orgasms then fuck her and I last about 20 minutes I make her cum another 2-3 times. She lives in WA I would recognize her moan anywhere. Her and I used to fuck for hours then cuddle and watch movies then pause and go at it all over again. Never met anyone half as passionate or as into it as her. She has got the motion in the ocean alright, like a birthing gazelle, I bet he is a drummer in a shite limp biscuit style band, probs reckons he is ace at tending to a BBQ and wearing slippers.

I always make sure she's beyond satisfied and it's effortless for me im not hung like a pornstar or anything im 7 inches long slightly above average girth.

I have NEVER seen such a male lolver as this teen-ager stud. This is by far the best way to fuck, the girl on her belly with the her ass risen a bit... When I went back to look for it, I couldn't find it anywhere! This is one of the few movies on any porn website that can get me sooooo wet every time.

I have had lots of college and athletic boyfriends and older, and none makes love or fucks like this young man! I love watching it when my boyfriend is at work and thinking of the adventure when he gets home.

He knows exactly what to do in pleasing a woman..has tremendous staying power for his age. I move similar to the girl in this video and it gets me off to watch the movements knowing exactly what it feels like...mmmm!

I don't understand why some people seem more concerned about what age they are, what ethnicity they are, and whether or not they perform "better" than them. This is porn and if you don't like it go to the next video. I saw it sometime last year and regretted not saving it.

ok to the people who say she's faking: 1 everyone has different noises and noise levels 2 they didn't say she orgasmed like nine times so maybe it's just intense pleasure or close 3 i sound like this when i am being well fucked so maybe you should keep yourself to yourself 4 people are people and being a girl or guy makes you no more or less credible, people are people in addition she's a fox and he's totally delicious looking great couple, great video, props.

you'll see that there is no woman in this fking world who doesn;t like it in this way.


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