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In the game of modern romance you’ve got your agony, your ecstasy, and your first dates.

madras dating - Speed dating in hillsboro oregon

Because as it turns out, the first rapid-dating event was created all of 12 years ago by (and you did NOT see this coming) Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of the Aish Ha Torah organization, in order to help pair up aspiring Jewish singles.

And it worked so well they turned Speed Dating into a registered trademark.

Still, some people feel nervous as they enter the field of play, Bollinger says. And while we wouldn’t recommend any particular intervention to calm your nerves, here’s Bollinger again, simply stating the fact that when the truly nervous do show up...

Date Switch, which Bollinger, 30, founded with his wife, Lauren, in 2005, is only the latest company to stage “speed-dating” events for singles eager to connect as quickly as possible with a dozen, or more, prospective partners in a very finite period of time.

As per the vast majority of speed dating outfits, Date Srwitch’s events feature somewhere between 12 and 20 singles of both sexes, all of whom are willing to pay the admission ($29 if you reserve your space a week before the event; $35 thereafter) in order to meet and greet 12 to 20 potential love interests.

The women are assigned seats with numbers, and the men, who are also given numbers, spend five minutes chatting until, ding, it’s time to move on to the next candidate.

Each single is issued a card for notes and comments, including a yes/no option registering whether you are or are not interested in seeing particular candidates.

If guy #3, for instance, says ‘yes’ to woman #5, and she in turn says yes to guy #3, they will both be emailed one another’s digits, with an open invitation to get in touch.“I say it’s like going to two years worth of first dates in one night,” Bollinger says. Everyone’s there to meet someone, but it’s not an evening-long commitment.

If you don’t have chemistry, you know it instantly.”But wait a minute, because now you’re trying to figure out how embarrassed to be about it.

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