dating site tagline examples - Skinny guys dating bigger girls

Better In Bed: What do you think is the height of noise? Do you really want to make love to a pack of skin and bones? And going by that, guys are bound to like fat girls in bed even if they are jelly bellies.

Men like the feeling of holding a voluptuous woman in their arms.

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How boring is to wait for a girl who is constantly looking at the mirror and shows no interest in you!

Obvioulsy a mirror is not a fat girl's best friend!

Isn't it much better to be with a girl who likes your company more that staring at a mirror?

Your Food Buddy: If you are foodie then you really know what we are talking about.

Do you really want to be with a girl who orders green salad every time you go out dinner and you are hogging on a cheese burger?

Just imagine how guilty you will feel about being the 'not-so-figure-conscious' one in the relationship.

Its much better to be with a girl who has a huge appetite so that your meals are guilt-free!

Men might like to have slim and tall women in their arm but do they actually prefer thin girls?

The grapevine says that guys secretly like fat girls.


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