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Ok the speed is not that good when it comes to video but the quality is awesome. Find your Skype for mac HERE is a cross platform website and podcast that makes technology work for you and not the other way around.Audio is crispy and when you hit the full screen button .. So with my Macbook on the table , isight tucked away in the lid… As I look at my Skype screen and wave to my distant friend who is tapping finger to his forehead … Talking full screen to my buddy at the other side of the globe (while doing the dishes) all I needed was a fish in a bowl, a model of the USS Stargazer and a Galaxy class starship beneath my feet.. i shout and tap the invisible communicator on my chest ..

THank heavens to Skype for putting out the great app they make and for bringing us webcam support.

I had played with it before : the PC to PC webcam session between two Skype users is faster then watching tv !

If I ever thought the MSN webcam protocol was the pinnacle of streaming video compression : Skype to Skype makes it look like a snail on ice.

So as soon as the beta came out I just had to get my hands on it. Downloaded and installed it on my Imac and rang up my friend Blue on his Windows PC (also with a built in webcam) And both audio and video worked fantastic.

So anyone up for dueling Add me on Skype: Mistic Eye (talk) , June 26, 2011 (UTC) I'll duel you my skype is k303234.

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Its been a long time coming , or has it been a long time overdue : Its finally here. For those of us who parted the land of the Windows users and boldly buy a Mac, ( either because we did not have the pubes to rebel and buy a harley , or just to score with the chicks) we fairly quickly felt ourselves in isolation of the instant messaging world. Meanwhile in the Windows world people are chatting and nudging and webcamming (and sometimes even stripping) their happy days away with the one big happy family on MSN Messenger.

The first cross platform VIOP & Videochat application to span the bridge between Mac and Windows users. Sure , OSX comes with mighty fine chat-tools like for example Ichat .. Ok, I was happy to finally get rid of those bouncing smilies, pink backgrounds, screaming avatars and vibrating chat windows .. Sure there are some good msn clones out there , but none of them support web-camming between YOU and the rest of the world.

So that mighty fine Isight web-cam on yours could do some good .. Sure , there is Mercury ( hellishly slow , weighs a ton, eats memory like Oprah and does not work if you are behind a router) .

So there I was , Shiny Isight and no one to wave at.

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