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After driving a couple at a local Chevy dealership, I had to excuse myself for a minute to go to the men’s room.

When I got back, my wife and the car salesman were obviously getting along very well.

She was laughing and talking […] This is a continuation of a story about a trip my wife and I took to the city to add a little spice to our long marriage.

I rolled over and […] Macy watched the pretty girl and the man head for the lift.

The girl’s very pretty lacy camisole showed clearly through her sheer and silky chiffon shirt.

Her petticoats frothed lacily and sexily out from under her very full skirt and she felt so special and sexy and pretty.

Macy had just been talking to a friend […] There I sat in the car, now not knowing which apartment they went to or when she would be calling me.

I sat listening to the radio, wondering if she was sucking his cock again. My mind was thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts about them. We chatted a bit before agreeing to meet Tuesday night at 6. I had been at the beach numerous times since living in San Bernardino so I was a bit familiar with the area.

I was figuring with traffic it was going to […] It was early Sunday evening, I had already put off Robyn as she had called wanting me to stop over. I showered shaved and planned to leave at 7 to meet Nikki at 8.

I figured the drive from San Bernardino to Riverside was 35 minutes […] Hands on top of my head, I try and catch my breath.

I had just ordered another beer and was wondering why I was waiting so long again when my answer showed up.

I was watching the tv when I saw the bartender do a double take towards the door.


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  3. Bottom line, I turn him on, he turns me on, and there are never any issues even though he's 10 years older than me.

  4. Despite what you might have heard, a 40-plus woman doesn't need special strategies or tricks to date for marriage.

  5. The plant began operations in February 2009 and has been operating according to grid instructions since that time, except for a five-week shutdown in May 2009 and a three-month shutdown from June to August 2010 to repair previously identified defects.

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