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Fortunately, though, learners needn’t break the bank or compromise in terms of opting for a charming school campus on which to live.

Combining the average room rate and the average board rate from this table provided the baseline figure for affordable accommodation in public and private schools throughout the country.

A long list of potential entries was then drawn up by examining lists such as Niche’s 2015 ranking of the 100 “Best Dorms” in the country, College Xpress’ “The Very Best College Dorms” and The Fiscal Times’ “10 Public Colleges with the Most Luxurious Dorms.” Only those colleges with affordable room and board rates were included on the long preliminary list.

In order to determine if a school was charming or inviting enough to secure a place on our final list, their residence halls were individually investigated, taking factors such as aesthetic appeal, amenities/facilities and each dorm’s social scene into account.

Image Source With 13 options to select from, students enrolling at Alabama State University are spoiled for choice when it comes to campus dorms.

They include the appropriately named New Facility I and II – the Montgomery campus’ latest dorm additions. Estell Hall respectively, which both accommodate recreation areas.

Upper-class male and female students can make themselves at home at the 64,500-square-foot Martin L. Elsewhere, female foodie students are well served by women-only Charles Johnson Dunn Tower, which is right next to the campus dining hall.

Moreover, as women students move through university life, they can also set up camp at Bibb Graves Hall – the college’s landmark residence hall thanks to its monumental bell tower.

Image Source There are many advantages for college students who opt to live on campus.

These include the chance to form long-lasting friendships and, according to the American Council on Education, an increased likelihood of achieving better grades than their off-campus counterparts. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average price for room and board at a public U. postsecondary school totaled ,552 for the 2012-13 academic year.

That rate increased to ,540 for private institutions.

Naturally, cost is a key consideration for students when choosing the campus they’re going to call home for the next few years.

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