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Here's a cache of the private messages misdirected by Facebook last week, messages about sex and divorce, devotion and infidelity, cancer and rubdowns.

We have, however, cross referenced the names of the message senders with their Facebook profiles just to make sure these communications are authentic; all indications are that they are.

Our thanks to Tipster Sarah, who supplied them to us while also supplying them to Nick Summers, organizer of tomorrow night's event.

From a woman and apparent soon-to-be ex-wife, presumably to her husband.

Heartbreaking: Tipster Sarah: "I do understand French and this one is hilarious.

Guess French girls say the same shit about their mutual 'friends' as the rest of us do." Google translation underneath; post your corrections in the comments or email: As I told you recently, I have too much free time, which means too much time on Facebook, which means I'm made to look for random patterns.

I therefore have this gossip / bitcherie: Do you think that Maureen is made less ugly than before? On 1on1you find 24 hours a day, 7 days a week real live 1on1 webcam sex in the best possible HD quality.That's despite the fact that some misdirected Facebook messages ended up in the hands of two journalists, one an online editor for the did excerpt some messages here, though if any were presented whole the paper didn't say so.We expect some messages will be presented whole during a musical reading at the East Village bar Heathers Friday night.In any case, our intention in presenting the full text of these messages is not to expose the lives of strangers but to give a flavor of the deeply personal information that runs through Facebook's network, and to show the sort of deeply personal information that Facebook , to strangers, in the latest in a series of privacy goofs.As such, we've redacted people's names in the messages below.


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