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After that, I basically pick the ones that I like the best and that I think will come together in sequence as the best album. Growing up when I did, the music that came on the radio was sometimes so eclectic that I grew up listening to all kind of things.Remix records are actually the easiest projects that I get to do. The radio could easily go from a children's song to a Barry Manilow song-you just kind of get used to hearing all different kinds of music all the time.And for all of the music that I've done over the years, there's always been a strong groove to it.

Rob Zombie: Well, I do have a heavy hand in the albums that I've done.

Luckily, when we're making the remix albums-this is the third that I've done-I can have a much lighter hand.

The way that I do things is to compile a master list of who does the best remixes of the moment.

Then we farm out the songs and let the artists pick the songs that they could do the best job with-I obviously try to sway some of them in certain directions, then I give them some slight parameters about what I want, though, I don't want to stifle what they do. People like to put categories on everything, but I never cared-I still don't.

The record that I did before in 2001 was probably a little bit more industrial, because that was the sound that was happening at the time.

This one has more of a dubstep and rave feel happening in it.

But it's funny to me how you can sort of mutate these songs and take them in different directions. RZ: Well, there are no groups in particular that inspire me in that genre.

But when I hear different tracks and listen to those genres, I am inspired by certain grooves.

Many times, it's more about the way that they create it. When you hear the song in the club or at a rave, it's more about how the crowd interacts with the groove.


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