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• Soon: Trump Law & Order Speech; Trump: "I Don't Want to Pivot"; Trump to Begin General Election Ads in 5 States this Weekend; Sources: Ailes Advising Trump; Trump: Clinton Lacks "Physical Stamina." Aired 8-9p ET • Soon: Trump Law & Order Speech; Trump To Begin General Election Ads In 5 States This Weekend; Clinton Campaigns In Pennsylvania; FBI Gives Congress Secret Clinton E-mail Report; Clinton Riding High In Key Battlegrounds; Trump Adviser: Florida, Texas Dealing With Sharia Law.

Aired 9-10p ET • How Trump Supporters Judged ISIS Speech; Biden: Trump "Totally Unqualified" To Be President; Clinton Leads In Key Battleground State Polls; Trump Campaign Chair Named In Ukrainian Probe; Flooding Rescues; 5 Killed And 20,000+ Rescued In Louisiana Flooding; Trump's Calls For "Extreme Vetting" Of Immigrants.

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Trump: Battle Of The Gaffes; Speaker Ryan Tries To Fend Off GOP Challenger.

Aired 8- 9p ET • Votes Being Counted In Speaker Ryan Race; Trump: "Second Amendment People" Could Stop Clinton; Speaking Trumpish, In A Phrase; Clinton Vies For Support In Newly-Competitive Red States; CNN Projects: Speaker Ryan Wins GOP Wisconsin Primary; How Safe Are The Rides; 4 New Zika Cases In Florida; California Wildfire; Delta Woes: Day Two; Shifting Sands Reveal Hawaiian Petroglyphs.

Aired 9-10p ET • GOP National Security Experts: Trump's "Dangerous"; Trump and Clinton Trade Attacks on Each Other's Economic Plans; Clinton Leads Trump By 10 In CNN Polls of Polls; The Bushes Vs.

Trump; Former Reagan Aide Voting For Clinton Over Trump; Jeb Bush's Son: "Bitter Pill to Swallow" But Backing Trump. Security Experts: Trump's "Dangerous"; Trump Ties Iran Execution To Clinton Emails; Honesty Question Plagues Clinton; GOP Sen.

Susan Collins: Not Backing Trump; Anti-Trump Republican Launches Independent Bid; Mc Mullin: Trump Is "Inhuman"; More Accusations Against Ailes; Fox In Settlement Talks With Carlson. Ayotte; Clinton Does Damage Control; Trump Calls Clinton "Close to Unhinged"; Clinton Clarifies (Muddies?

Aired 9-10p ET • Trump Speaks in Wisconsin Shortly; Trump Endorses Rep. ) E-mail Claim; Keeping Secrets Safe; Obama to Trump: Keep Intel Briefings Secret; How Intelligence Briefing for Clinton, Trump will Work. • Donald Trump Speaks in Florida; New Poll: Clinton 44 Percent, Trump 35 Percent; Johnson 12 Percent; GOP Leaders Frustrated with Trump; Mc Cain's Reelection Race; CNN Libertarian Town Hall Moments Away; What If Trump Quits? Aired 8-9p ET • Federal Judge Denies Trump's Motions to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Over Trump University; Trump Refuses to Back Ryan or Mc Cain; Obama: Trump Unfit for Presidency; Khizr Khan Responds to Trump's Latest Comments; Khan Blasts Trump's Purple Heart Comments; Remembering Capt. Aired 8-9p ET • Khizr Khan Responds To Trump's Latest Comments; Khan: I'm Not Looking For An Apology; I Want Empathy; Report: Trump Memo Calls For "Urgent Pivot" From Khan Controversy; Trump Not Backing Ryan, Mc Cain For Re-election; Trump's Purple Heart Remarks; Source: Some Trump Staffers Incredibly Frustrated; Non-Travel Zika Cases Rise To 15 In Florida.

Aired 8-9p ET • President Obama Celebrates his 55th Birthday; A Look at the Clinton E-mail Scandal; Donald Trump Continues to Speak About a Video of an American Cash Payment to Iran. • Barack Obama News Conference; Trump Says Election Will Be "Rigged"; President Obama Celebrates Birthday; Controversy Over 0 Million Payment To Iran; New NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton Tops Trump By 9; Trump Stumps At Maine Rally; Trump Repeats False Claim About Iran Video; New NBC/WSJ Poll: Clinton 47%, Trump 38%; Clinton Leads In New Key Swing State Polls; 2 New Polls Show Clinton With Significant Edge; Clinton Repeats False Claim FBI Director Said She Was "Truthful"; Melania Trump Facing Visa Questions; Did Melania Trump Follow Immigration Rules? Aired 9-10p ET • Hillary Clinton Sees Post-Convention Bump in Polls; Trump Tries to Explain Russia-Ukraine Comment; Clinton Claims Vs.

Aired 9-10p ET • Trump: If Clinton Wins PA, She Cheated; Trump's Many, Many Answers to ISIS; Bill Clinton On Emails: "Biggest Load Of Bull"; Clinton, Kaine Release 2015 Tax Returns; The Key To Victory In Pennsylvania; Trump: If Clinton Wins PA, She Cheated; The Key To Victory: Winning Bucks County, PA; Fugitive On The Hunt With John Walsh Captured.

Aired 8-9p ET • Trump Again Calls Obama ISIS Founder (He's Not); New Conflict of Interest Question Dogs Clinton; 75 Republicans To RNC: Abandon Trump's Campaign; Pelosi: DNC Hack Is "Electronic Watergate." Aired 8- 9p ET • New Questions Raised Regarding Clinton Foundation; Rudy Giuliani Continues to Support Trump. • Police Grab Climber Scaling Trump Tower; Secret Service Spoke to Trump Campaign About Comment; Polls: Clinton Has Swing State Edge; New Clinton E-mail Release Raises Questions; Is Trump Just Misunderstood?


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