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Much of the Rauner effort has been to link Democrats to Madigan, the Southwest Side Democrat who has served as speaker for 31 of the last 33 years. Plus, the issue can’t be addressed by voters until 2018 at the earliest.

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Bruce Rauner promised Wednesday that Republicans would outspend Democrats this fall in a GOP effort to reclaim the Illinois General Assembly.

“This year, we’re going to go toe-to-toe with them,” Rauner told party county chairmen at an event starting the Illinois Republican Party Governor’s Day at the Illinois State Fair.

Rauner said Democrats have far outspent the GOP in recent elections, but “we’re going to do better than they do.

You’ll see the biggest ground game ever for legislative races in Illinois.” He did not mention the source of funding, but he has previously poured millions of his personal wealth into party coffers.

[…] “We’re going to stand against that machine and beat that machine this year,” Rauner said. We’re going toe-to-toe — and, in fact, we’re going to do better than them,” Rauner said of the well-funded campaigns, which already include TV ads and mailers.

Democrats have their party day at the Illinois State Fair on Thursday. Rauner, whose own funds help to fuel his governor’s campaign, continues to push on for his reforms, despite a constant battle with state Democratic leaders.

Democrats hold supermajorities of 71-47 in the House and 39-20 in the Senate.“The machine has pounded with their power in the past. Although Rauner didn’t mention Madigan during the breakfast, party organizers handed out a button featuring a picture of a young Madigan which included the words” “career politician since 1971.” Rauner spoke of a state “taken over by a machine, a political machine that doesn’t care about people,” saying it’s also taken over Chicago, the Democratic Party and the Illinois General Assembly.

“We are going to stand against that machine and we are going to beat that machine,” Rauner said to cheers, saying the machine is behind job losses, lower family incomes and the highest property taxes in America. People were pretty hot and tired by then, so there wasn’t a whole lot of energy in the crowd.

First time we’ve had the resources to do it,” Durkin said. Durbin has been musing about a gubernatorial bid and this Durbin campaign e-mail will only increase the speculation…

“It’s either the governor and on the other side it’s organized labor,” he said of the campaign money race. We should be making it easier for people in this country to vote.

I honestly don’t think this is a radical idea, which is why I was disappointed to see Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner veto legislation to modernize voter registration.


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