updating asus bios windows - Problems updating iphone software

This is a common error that happens when folks try to update their i Pad and i Phone to the latest available i OS version.

problems updating iphone software-6

We would recommend that you restart your iphone or ipad and try updating before attempting to Restore the device.

Lastly, once your i Phone has been activated to i OS 9.3, Please do not forget to turn on your “Find my i Phone” feature back on. Apple has acknowledged the following activation problem on certain affected i Phone and i Pad; the company now has decided to pull the update for those i OS devices.

Furthermore, they also provide a quick fix that you can try along with an explanation.

If you have tried restarting your device and then updating and it did not work for you, Here are a few tips for you to consider: Step 4: Sometimes the Apple Servers can be busy or experiencing issues.

Before you try activation again, please make sure to check and ensure that the Apple Services are “Green” .

Step 5 Once you have connected your i Pad or i Phone to the computer, please restart your computer.This will launch the i Tunes session when the machine boots up.Step 6: Make sure that you are running the latest version of i Tunes appropriate for your computer.Step 7: If your i Tunes session doesn’t open with restart, you can manually open your i Tunes session.Step 8: Click on the device icon corresponding to your device at the top left section of i Tunes screen.Step 9: Under Settings, Click on Summary and you will see the details of your device on the right hand panel. Step 10: If the Update did not work for you, you can try to Restore it using i Tunes and then try to activate again.


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