Outlook calendar not updating sharepoint

A calendar is created for you when Windows Share Point Services 3.0 creates a new site.

If you don't want to customize the calendar, you and your team can start adding events to it by following the steps later in this article.

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You can manage the process for updating your calendar just as you manage the updates to any list.

You can require approval for items that are submitted to a calendar and manage which groups of people can see events before they are approved.

You can also track versions of calendar items, so you can see what has changed and restore previous versions.

You can use a calendar to store team events, including meetings, social events, and all-day events.

You can also track team milestones, such as deadlines or product release dates, that are not specific to a time interval. All-day events appear at the top of a calendar according to date; other events appear according to date and time.

Windows Share Point Services 3.0 comes with a default calendar that you can customize and update. You can add events to a calendar on a Windows Share Point Services 3.0 site, or even add meeting requests and attachments to a calendar by sending e-mail messages.

You can create additional calendars if you need them. If you use a calendar program that is compatible with Windows Share Point Services 3.0, such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, you can view and update the calendar on your site from your calendar program.

Calendars help you manage and view your schedule by day, week, and month.

You can make any of these views your default view for the site, or you can create custom views.


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