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Old Fashioned 86 proof whiskey circa 1966, sugar, bitters, citrus peel Apparently this whiskey was 40-50 years old. My palate really couldn’t distinguish the subtleties the age brought with it, but I enjoyed the drink nonetheless.A total of five courses were served: two by visiting Pomeroy and three by home chef Zarate.While fairly short, it would provide a glimpse of one of Portland’s more notable restaurants and a sneak peek at the food to come at Paiche.

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The first dinner hosted Naomi Pomeroy of Beast in Portland (2009 Best New Chef) on a 5-course, $52 affair.

The second night brought in Jamie Bissonnette of Coppa and Toro in Boston (2011 Best New Chef) and Viet Pham of Forage in Salt Lake City (2011 Best New Chef) on a 6-courser for $62.

I’m a sucker for these collaborative meals, especially when it’s an out-of-town chef.

I attended the first dinner, which also featured a cocktail menu from Pablo Moix and Steve Livigni (La Descarga, Harvard & Stone, Black Market, Plan Check, Pour Vous, Old Lightning).

Leeks and a mild garlic flavor were the main profiles, with the subtle aroma of the chive oil apparent in each sip.

The crispy/chewy mushrooms were a nice touch, adding additional earthiness and some texture.Zarate: tiradito de paiche, aji amarillo soy dressing, sesame oil, camote purée This dish was really reminiscent of others I’ve had at Picca and Mo-Chica, but I was glad to find the namesake fish here.While it seems like downtown’s Mo-Chica is still a relatively new restaurant, chef Ricardo Zarate and Stephane Bombet (Picca, Mo-Chica) are about to unleash their newest concept Paiche in Marina Del Rey.Dubbed a Peruvian , the team is bringing Zarate’s Peruvian style closer to the water.I haven’t seen a menu of the new place, though a preview (and what appears to be a few old favorites and a bunch of new creations) is here.In order to celebrate the grand opening (April 2), Paiche teamed up with Food GPS on a couple of one-night collaborative dinner events featuring a number of past Best New Chefs.


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