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I’d thought that when you start over, make a clean break, life was supposed to get better, right? I’d used up my savings trying to make ends meet, supplementing as best I could with the money I earned from a dangerous part-time job that gave me all of 4 hours pay a week at minimum wage. When I did manage to grab a job before someone else could, I worked hard and wrote well. I scoured Craigslist and job sites and gig auctions and sent applications to all sorts of people. I was single and alone, having left an unhealthy relationship, and I was living in a crappy, tiny apartment. I struggled to get gigs — there was tough competition from more experienced hustlers. Bossed around, degraded, condescended to, with jibes made about my having to work from home. I quickly learned not to mention I worked from my kitchen table. So I started looking for better gigs and clients, now that I knew there was writing work to be had.

In the most extreme cases blackmailers even ask for naked pictures or strip teases after threatening to post the lewd images or videos on their school's Facebook site or Twitter feed, experts have said.

Her father, Dave, said those claims had not been proved and even if they were true still meant that there were a small percentage of people who had written his daughter abusive messages and had not been named.

At Daniel's funeral, held at the Dunfermline Crematorium, £700 was raised for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the family thanked the Queensferry Units rapid response team paramedics for their help.

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I had formal education, diplomas, brains, and skills, and life had been good. My older daughter told me she could look for work to help pay the bills.

I signed up with the company, thinking I was so lucky to have this chance to pull myself out of the mess. I even began hiring people to work with me as a team. I worked hard and built the business, putting in long hours and reinvesting a lot of the money I made. The flood of people who came to visit was overwhelming.

And sure enough, there was writing work for me on the ‘net, work I could do from home that paid quickly. I hustled and I delivered on my promises, every single time. I was being turned down for gigs I should’ve gotten, for reasons I couldn’t put a finger on. Then my blog hit Michael Stelzner’s list of the Top Ten Blogs for Writers. (Someone who, incidentally, was using a male pseudonym and identity too.

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