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By: Alex Temblador Those that grow up as members of the LGBT community in the United States have faced discrimination, whether it be the denial of certain rights because of a lack in equal rights laws or from homophobic or trans-phobic individuals and their actions or words.

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The question of the day is "How Can You Tell if Your Spouse is for you or Against You?

" I have observed a lot of couples where one of them may be super successful and the other one is well... What happens many times is either they break up because the insecure one can't handle it and the super successful one is NOT willing to jeopardize their career and back down or the super successful one backs down from the spot light just to placate to the needs of an insecure jealous spouse!

One thing I look for in a potential mate is someone who is just as excited about my accomplishments and dreams as I am and who support me more than "I" support myself!

I had this guy tell me after he realized I was a writer, was working on a book and did frequent video vlogs, that he couldn't date me because I'd be too busy writing and posting and not to mention he doesn't want to be on TV. I was like dude you and me are still in the dating process but what you just told me has sealed the deal.... Instead of working on their goals and dreams, they sit and act like you're wrong for achieving yours and being so much more successful than them. They can be very possessive mainly because of the jealousy. They don't even want you to spend time with your family and friends let alone co-workers and business partners. They want you to fail so that you can spend more time with them. My advice to you is do not allow anyone to break you down and keep you from living your dreams because they are too insecure to live theirs.

I can't have a man who can't deal with the possibilities of where I'm headed! LOL See I could already tell that this would become a huge problem for this guy should I had decided to move forward in this relationship and then I'd be asking myself "What the hell was I thinking? They are always afraid that you'll meet someone along your successful journey who may be more in tune with what you like and are more interesting than them. They don't know HOW to work on themselves so they sit and stress out over everything you're doing that takes the attention away from them. The talk about you negatively with other people you both know and you have to hear about it through the “Grapevine.” That's not a good feeling. If they can't handle your success then they need to create their own or get out of your way so you can live and enjoy your life.

" Knowing he'd already told me he couldn't handle it but I still continued to date him? So what are some of the signs that a non-supportive jealous spouse displays? Instead of doing things together and including you they are always trying to outdo you then make wise cracks in regards to your current success status as if to blow themselves up and be-little you. They have created this false accusation that you're cheating simply because of your success. I have included a few below but I'm sure there are far more. I figure why be with someone who is hating on you for having that go getter attitude and living your dreams?I mean we all have the same 24 hours and what one chooses to do with their time is up to them.If they knew they couldn't handle a strong successful person then wonder why they married them?No one should ever be made to feel they are wrong because they have become a success and in my opinion this should motivate the not so successful one to get up, get out and get something going for themselves so that THEY too can fulfill their destiny without feeling like they will always be in the successful one's shadow. He just had this big vision as if he and I had established an exclusive relationship. They always try to talk you out of your dreams and any business move you believe would better your career.


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