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Administrative Information Acquisition and Custody Information Purchased in 1991.

Processed By Karin Strohbeck, Jonathan Frembling, and Paula Stewart Historical Note The Roman Bronze Works was established in Brooklyn, New York, in 1899 by Riccardo Bertelli, a Genoese with intimate knowledge of European methods of bronze casting.

The foundry flourished, casting primarily art sculpture, and in 1928 became a subsidiary of the General Bronze Corporation. Adeleman, Philip Adelman, Philip Adler Engineering Co.

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AMON CARTER MUSEUM ARCHIVES COLLECTION GUIDECollection Summary Title: Date: Creator(s): Extent: Code: Repository: Abstract: Roman Bronze Works Archives 1902­1977 Roman Bronze Works Foundry 77 linear feet RBW Amon Carter Museum Archives The Roman Bronze Works Archives (1902­1977) comprises seventy-seven linear feet of records on bronze sculpture--freestanding figures and public monuments as well as architectural and decorative works--by almost every important American figurative sculptor active between 19.

The materials purchased by the Amon Carter Museum include the extant records of the foundry's period of greatest activity, from 1902 until the mid-1960s, with particularly important materials documenting the formative years from 1902 until about 1920. Agostini, Vivian Agostino, Peter Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas Ahlborn, C.

A fire in the late 1920s destroyed many of the foundry's early records and left the surviving materials damaged, but even in its current condition and incomplete state, the Roman Bronze Works Archives is the fullest surviving record of any historic American fine-arts foundry.

Information for Researchers Access Restrictions The collection is open to qualified researchers.

In 1948 the foundry was purchased from the parent corporation by the Schiavo family who had worked for the Roman Bronze Works for most of its history.

Although it no longer operated out of the Corona studios, the Roman Bronze Works remained active until recently. Rick Stewart, then Curator of Western Painting and Sculpture at the Amon Carter Museum, learned that the business records of the Roman Bronze Works foundry would be sold piecemeal unless a buyer for the complete archives were found immediately. Stewart examined the materials on-site and assessed their value, and on his recommendation the museum purchased the records. While at the foundry, the records were stored under conditions inadequate for preservation. Use Restrictions The Roman Bronze Works Archives is the physical property of the Amon Carter Museum. Rights to materials produced by others were not acquired, and the Amon Carter Museum assumes no responsibility for infringement of literary property rights or copyrights or for liability to any person for defamation or invasion of privacy. Preferred Citation Roman Bronze Works Archives, [series information], [item identification], Amon Carter Museum Archives. Related Collections in the Amon Carter Museum Archives None Contact the museum archivist at [email protected] or 817.989.5077 for additional information.


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