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Her name in Phung but to me she will always be Cleopatra.I met her at the Plaza in 2001 and for the next 7 or 8 years each time I would visit Bangkok I would look her up.

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🙂 This post is going to show you the old and the new Nana Plaza Bangkok Nana Plaza Bangkok seems to be forever changing not always for the better.

In fact Soi Cowboy is more spectacular and the girls seem friendlier, the downside is that it is more expensive.

I like to stay at the Dynasty Hotel which happens to be only 40 meters from Nana Plaza so it is a very convenient drinking spot for me.

In the photo above is Bow, Matt Harkness and Roland Bonnici.

The Plaza comes alive after 9 pm The later it gets the busier it becomes. Nana Plaza Bangkok is square-shaped, with a single opening on the west side, and consists of a ground floor and two additional floors. During the early 1980s, a few go-go bars appeared and gradually replaced the restaurants.

The composition of the bars has changed over the past few years; the last non-go-go bar, the Woodstock Pub, was sold in 2005 to the Rainbow Group and reopened as “Rainbow 4.” A few bars offer a more pub-like or beer bar format without dancing; as of late-2009 only the Cathouse remained. Short-time hotels rent out rooms by the hour or more to the NEP patrons to take a bargirl (or kathoey) for commercial sex.

Most bar girls working at bars in Nana Plaza are willing to leave with customers upon payment of a bar fine.

Spellbound is now Bangkok Bunnies The more things change the more they stay the same.

It is a never ending cycle at Nana Plaza, one business goes bust and another steps in.


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