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She was named the school's Valedictorian in the The Touchstone of Ra.Mara Jaffray is portrayed by Tasie Dhanraj (Lawrence).

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The two girls have made up after the Mick situation, but are not as close as they were before.

Jerome seems to have a crush on her once Mick leaves, as he helps her with her campaign for school representative.

After Mick comes back, Mara starts to ignore Jerome and starts to hang out with Mick again.

She used to be best friends with Amber, but they fought when Amber found out about Mara's crush on Mick - who is her boyfriend.

Amber gets jealous and runs for school representative against Mara to try to get back at her for stealing Mick from her.

She fails in doing so, losing to Mara after Mick rigs the election in Mara's favor.Mara doesn't think Amber and Mick have anything in common, but she doesn't have anything in common with him, either.Mara Jaffray was one of the main characters on the show House of Anubis.Even though her parents are professional athletes, she is known as the smart, unsporty, academic girl that gets along quite nicely with everyone. She is then accepted into Sibuna because of her knowledge.She had a long-distance relationship with Mick Campbell, but then started dating Jerome Clarke but after she found out Jerome cheated on her with Willow they broke up. She was one of the few Anubis House residents with no idea about the mystery, the others being Mick and Willow, as everyone else in the house knew about the mystery one time or another. She joins Sibuna in The Touchstone of Ra and proves very useful to them - her intelligence causing Fabian to become slightly jealous.This means that Mick is the only ones to know nothing about the mystery, and Mick is the only one to never be a member of Sibuna.


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