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The rivals will also not be in school before their week begins, so you can't get rid of them early. She is Senpai's Tsundere childhood friend and secretly harbors feelings for him. Because Kokona's primary function in the debug builds is to test out game mechanics, she did not have a dedicated voice actress for the first year of her existence.

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Chelsea Druce voiced her side of the "Kokona's Confession" scene (as she had Kokona).

Mom0ki provides the majority of her lines and claims the role., she first appeared in the August 2015 build, but was known to players before then due to her being a sounding board for Yandere Dev to consider and shoot down ideas.

She's in the Gaming Club, is a Social Butterfly, and has emerald green hair and eyes.

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Senpai is a regular Senior-year student at Akademi High who inadvertently becomes the target of affection for Yandere-chan and ten other females at the school. Senpai's cute little sister: a clingy, jealous, and emotionally dependent girl who demands her sibling's attention, so naturally she is a threat for Yandere-chan even if not a typical rival.

He (or she, eventually) is around 18 years old, has a "Loner" personality, and is in Class 3-2. She was added to the game in its mid-November 2015 update as an NPC club leader (her routine will be different as a full rival). Rather than confess feelings of love at the cherry tree on Friday, she intends to take him there and demand he never take any girlfriends for her sake.

Yandere-chan's ally in "winning" Senpai's affections. Yandere-chan can take pictures of her classmates or panty shots and send them to Info-chan for, well, info. She belongs to her own little club of one, and somehow is exempt from a lot of school rules. Imouto-chan is meant to resemble Senpai and, if Senpai is a boy, will be a genderswapped version of him.

These are the ten ladies who challenge Yandere-chan's love for Senpai. The dev posted her default concept art on his twitter. She's in the game's debug builds, albeit only seen on a laptop in the Student Council room.

All of them like him along with one other so that you can play matchmaker and set them up with someone else if you wish. She seems to have a vendetta against someone who may or may not be Yan-chan.


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  4. If the character does not have any romantic interest by around April of the third year, the angel sends the character back in time so you get to try again.

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  6. This show was amazing, but also ALL sorts of messed up.

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