Katie holmes dating old boyfriend

She feels like she is hit gold with her new husband,” an insider told Star and Hollywood Life wrote in a post.However, this is still a rumor and is yet to be confirmed by Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.

“They are both such great parents, and they’ve been taking about starting a family together for awhile now,” the source revealed.

“They are slowly coming around to the idea of allowing their relationship to be known but they want to keep it private for as long as they can.” Holmes and Foxx are reportedly getting married soon, but they are planning to have an intimate wedding.

“They are so in love, and keeping it all quiet makes Katie that much more crazy about Jamie.

However, Foxx and Holmes are reportedly keeping their relationship private, because Tom Cruise might take Suri away from Holmes.

According to International Business Times, Cruise does not want to see Holmes and Foxx with Suri, but their 9-year-old daughter loves being around Holmes’ new boyfriend.

Rumors are making rounds that Cruise is trying to talk Suri out saying that she should not be around the singer and that he is the only father she will have.

“Jamie does not know Tom’s crazy side and he likes to keep it that way,” International Business Times reported.

Headlines have been filled with reports that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes will be married to Jamie Foxx this month.

Holmes is also reported to be carrying Suri’s sibling and it happens to be a girl, which is what Suri has wished for.

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