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Playing house is fun for a while – cooking for each other, binging on Netflix while cuddled on the sofa. But problems start to arise when you’re forced to be in the presence of your roommate/significant other 24/7. Arguments about laundry and dirty dishes become commonplace – issues that typically only arise in long-term relationships.

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Are you willing to break the lease and pay whatever fees come with it? Do you have the strength to remain in the apartment with your ex until the lease is up?

If you can’t leave, how will your roommate react if and when you start dating again?

Ending a relationship with your roommate can cause the affair to drag on when, in any other situation, you’d be able to move on immediately.

Two cash strapped young adults – male and female – decide to co-sign a lease together in an effort to save money on rent and utilities. You see each other every day and after a while, the mutual attraction can no longer be denied.

You started out as roommates, but it has quickly become much more.

In the beginning, it’s nice to have someone to come home to after a long day.

No expensive cab or train rides can keep you from seeing one another.

Suddenly, being in close proximity everyday doesn’t seem so appealing.

Sharing the wealth Are you comfortable with your roommate/significant other knowing specific details about your financial situation?

From your salary to your budgeting skills (or lack thereof), sharing finances is a relationship dynamic that usually doesn’t come into play until marriage.

The break up If the romance fizzles, packing your bags to leave could cost you.

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