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If you joined the Armed Forces between April 1975 and 5 April 2005 you will be a member of the Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 (AFPS 75) (unless you had opted out).

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They will be paid at the same time as they would under this scheme and will be linked to your final pensional pay at the point of leaving the Armed Forces, not at the point of transferring to AFPS 2015.

If you joined between 5 April 2005 and 31 March 2015 see Armed Forces Pension Scheme 2005.

Preserved pension plus lump sum (usually tax free) of three times your annual pension payable at age 60 for Service up to 6 April 2006 and at age 65 for service after 6 April 2006.

You can elect to have all your benefits paid at age 60 but they will be reduced to reflect early payment.

You must submit a claim for a preserved pension to Veterans UK (formerly SPVA).

Tax free invaliding pension plus lump sum (usually tax free) of three times the pension.

If your condition is mainly due to or worsened by your Service in the Armed Forces you may be entitled to additional benefits.

Family members who can receive benefits under AFPS 75 include the Service personnel’s widow or widower, unmarried partner, or eligible child.

An eligible child is mainly dependent on you when you die and was born of a relationship entered into before you leave the Armed Forces.

They must be under 16, or in full-time education training, or unable to support themselves due to a disability which existed before the age of 17.

An unmarried partner is only eligible to receive attributable benefits.

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