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When the computers start sticking it to you it's time to do something about it. I've included some that would be painfully embarrassing, some that are funny, some that are gross, and some that are OK. I don't really have any like theirs (thank god) but I do have this shot from A Streetcar Named Desire. She always HAS depended on the kindness of strangers. Many people choose a snapshot, sometimes candid, sometimes posed. Can I help it that women are drawn to my magnetic charms? They are artistic representations of the writers themselves. Wow, I was so taken by the Cartoon Chris that I didn't even notice I could vote for your current avatar until after I voted for the Cartoon. But if pressed to pick an alternate, I like the cartoon for its postmodernish wit and all like that. I guess most of the people when there are gaps in their understanding than try to put in their own perspective to complete the picture. You are taking my earlier remark on another hub out of context, but I did not say "no indian women allowed". If you are an actress then you deserve my apology though it was not meant towards you. I'm only here cuz I heard Christoph gives good leg. It’s about time you got rid of this slick avatar, you know that. THE one and only Metro Hubber *lol*Sorry Shadesbreath. I like seeing the man/woman behind the wonderful works of Hub literature.

To make it interesting, I agree to use whichever avatar you select for at least one week. I'll show you the time of your life." I'd hate for you to choose this one. I'm known as a ladies man and I try not to show off in front of the fellas. Anna Marie Bowman and Bard of Ely go with the painting/drawing avatar. Good luck with the book and thanks for stopping by! Seriously, I like your current avatar Chris, Metrosexual or not, I'm used to that being you. If I were to put up my real picture, people would beg for me to bring back the jackalope! At the same time everyone wants to be able to participate and discuss on the web. *lol*Just find yourself some David Beckham clothing, have the glamour shot taken and it’s all you. I personally enjoy candid/posed pictures of the actual hubbers, but that's just my preference.

It's amateurish, but I was new to landscapes and so I like it never-the-less. Or maybe they all decided to sign up independently of each other and hubpages is famous in India as an ideal forum for Indian issues and all things Indian. I mean, if it brings in readers, then that's a good thing, right? That could be bad for getting people to my hubs, but on the other hand, people aren't likely to forget it. I think it fits you very well, and I can just picture you sitting at that desk and writing. Gwendymom: You are perfecty welcome to use my place as a chat site. Thank you for flattering me with the use of my avatar. Well, I can thpeak for the guyth here, and I think Chrith'th prethent avatar is thexy ath hell, and I'd be jutht mortified if he changeth it. That you also thought it was funny is icing on the ego cake! Shadesbreath: It has been a long time since i laughed that hard!

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Just looking at their pictures makes me feel all goofy in love. You can achieve things you previously considered impossible. Problem is, I have nothing comparable to match up against it. I not only tip my hat to you, but I bow low to your charm and grace. Yea, If i went with the Indian one I'd have to change my name to something like Shabengali Tigress! if it's not, I sure got a lot of pictures of that guy. I missed the one of you though, but now that you bring up Georgia O'keefe..that's another story. Some mean bastards better get here soon before I float away, my head full of lightness. Yea, Misty, time will tell, but I'll have to use the winner at least for a week, as guaranteed. I did, however, resist the urge and read the rest of what is great frickin' hub. Glad you saw it and thanks for the vote on the original, but if i must be punished with Babyface, then I will accept it.

Any one of these gals can charm my snake anytime, by Krishna. Never mind that this person and their intricate history you have created only exists in your head. I like your original avatar as much as the rest of the ladies here, but think this was a really fun idea. :)Not to belabor a point..ladies love your appeal, for all the reasons in this string of comments, but men can learn a lesson from you as well. Stretch face might give him a run for his money though. Em writes: Hey, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

The important thing is can you get everyone else to believe it? I could be this guy who's trying to pass himself off as some two-bit actor. Young men are looking at what you are doing here on HP and maybe they think of you as an anachronism of sorts, or an alien, but they also admire the attention you receive.

Normally, it is always the first picture in the article, and so it was for me. Next to my article about metrosexuals, guess which picture their computer chose to illustrate the article? We might as well start here since Patty Inglish is the first woman I see every morning. It's eye-catching and usually in the number 1 spot. It also invokes a sense of nostalgia in the viewer as they recall their own childhood and the path their life has taken. It's uniqueness unmistakably identifies the writer, and that is very important. And you can tailor your painting/drawing to fit your personality or writing style. Well I guess you'll just have to keep coming back until you do. If this in some way effects all women in India because of the culture and how women are treated there, I'm not sure what I have to do with that. You know, two weeks is a long time in the life of a hub. That hub when I read about a week ago and your comments in it I felt bad hence mentioned that also. ) I look at it, and imagine you with a voice that's somewhere between Cary Grant, and Joey off Neighbours! :) My vote is for the original picture which doesn't look meterosexual at all. The more I read and the more I think about it, Chris is like Shadesbreath says, like a baby crying for a bit of attention. If Shadesbreath had really wanted to stick it to me, he could have gone after that one.

I'm pretty comfortable in my skin these days and I got over it. I listed several of my articles on Stumbleupon, and their computers pick which picture from the article it will display next to the article title on their site. I have used some avatars from hubpages for inspiration, not considering what the authors write or post, political affiliations, or anything else. You already have two choices: Stay with the ORIGINAL or use the one with the ARROWS IN MY HEAD. Not to be outdone on the color wheel is Michele Engholm. It's an eye-catcher but does it alienate people who don't like dogs? A childhood picture invokes a sense of personal history, and a sense of human provenance. This shot can appeal both to animal lovers and hunters. You might have the serious writer look or the look of a whimsical character. I think shades makes a valid point about you having to use another avatar for questioning the use of the one you currently have, or maybe I'm just trying to scrape some of the icing off of that ego cake. There may be inferences as to my intentions, sure, but I leave it to others to make assumptions and their own decisions. The bottom line is it's just supposed to be a joke. That's the second time you made me laugh hysterically today. (Seriously, the face on that baby just screams Bean to me.. Plus, you have no idea how fun it is to just try to F- with you. The narcissist gets way too much female attention as it is, wouldn’t you agree? Just in case that makes you feel old, my dad is my best friend in the whole world. So, my vote is for you either just the way you are, or that hunka hunka burnin love is running a close second for me. Don't change it (unless you have to masquerade as a baby for the week, of course! I may be new, but I'm quickly realizing that you are the Hub Master. Also thanks for the comments and leaving it up to me ultimately. Sweetiepie: Thanks for the comments and the vote of confidence. I'm looking for something that doesn't need to be changed for a long, long time. As for the HUNK picture, you are the first to mention it thankfully.

The polls will remain open until 6.00 PM, central time, Tuesday, October 14th, at which time I will change my avatar and leave it on until at least 6.00 PM, October 21st (voting is over). I've owned two Dalmatians in my life, so that's working for me too. That's what pgrundy does and if it's good for her it's good for me. He looks like a rabbit with antlers, but he's running for president, runs his own multi-million dollar company, and fights with bears. Maybe it's wearing something sexy or lying languidly on a sofa. I don't know how ladies feel about it but it sure gets the guys attention, and that's what it's about. It puts the writer on a personal level with their readers. It says to the reader, "we are the same, you and I. The area of fine art avatars is wide open for conveying a variety of moods and feelings. Or how about a morf version of your real face and your chosen avatar!! I mean if you don't want to have to keep telling people that just because you are in the theater and like to dress up like old movie stars that doesn't mean you, metrosexual..I guess you might want to change yout avatar. So of course I believe you that you are totally not what you are afraid people might think you are... Then I discuss what if I were to use a picture of an attractive indian woman as my avatar. I would just be a little disappointed, but that's my problem. Shadesbreath and Gwendy: Yes, I am already aware of your diabolical plan and have already responded to your thread. I don't care how long the hub lasts, I just feel to the very bottom of everything that matters in the universe you need to spend a week as that ugly ass Bean baby. But hey, if we can’t punish him by voting for the baby, we’ll just have to do it verbally, right? ^_^ *beams with her over-inflated ego*I like your avatar. It reminds me of my dad when he gets all silly on me, talking about being a ladies' man and stuff. If you ever get tired of your original picture you could get a digital camera and take several shots of yourself a few times a week, thus giving you some opportunities to update it. Hi Christoph, As nice as your picture is, I can imagine you being that man carrying his woman off for some burnin love and can even picture you doing that :)You definitely have that Hollywood leading man appeal. Thanks for stopping by and voting for the original, which is better than the ugly baby!

The question is, do you want to help me or do you want to stick it to me? Graphically, mine is similar with bright colors, plus it gets that animal avatar thing going, which lots of people use. Some people use a picture that shows the charms of their sex. This is the chance for all you haters out there to stick it to me. This let's the reader see the real person behind the hubs. " They are fun, and these avatars work very well for them. As you can see, I recovered perfectly from my early days at the Mayo Clinic. These can utilize any artistic style from realism to impressionism. Then I felt bad, like, oh, now he'll think I think he looks like a big pansy, which isn't it at all--but you know how it is with theater people. I LOVE the theater, and I love people who love the theater. BTW, the reason I changed my own avatar was because the most recent photo I had of me was of me in my PJs with the dog and I was afraid potential clients would see that and think, God, what a slob, so I just slapped up the kid photo until I could get a photo done of myself that makes ME look like a metrosexual! Similarly, I do not accuse anyone on hubpages of using someone's picture who is not themselves, but merely point out that the beauty of the four ladies (yourself included) is remarkable. WTF is a chihauha anyway and how do you announce that hmmmm? It’s like Metroguy here says: I had already voted (the cartoon if anyone’s interested) before I read your valid comment. It makes me feel like I could really get to know them outside the interwebz. When I first started writing here I used a teddy bear I drew, but I am not a teddy bear and decided to start using my own picture. Bard of Ely: Thanks for stopping by and your vote, which if I understand correctly, was for the original.

, and some fellow writers gave me some friendly jabs about my avatar, saying that I, yours truly, looked like a metrosexual. I do remember that I got to play in a great big bubble every day. Everyday the photographers came and took pictures of me, "So the rest of the world can see this amazing child," they said. I can't believe it." The ladies in their starched white uniforms - so many ladies - coo-cooed over me as they fed me my spaceman food in a bag, all the while calling me "their little sputnik." Ah...times. Barranca has a nice colorful picture of the outdoors that looks like a place I'd like to visit, while Marian Swift's invokes a mysterious island that we can only spy on from behind the trees. This is a watercolor I did of a place I've never seen, but I'd bet there are many similar scenes in Europe - England, France, Scotland - and my homeland, Ireland. Once you get to know them and read a few of their great hubs, you start to realize just how much the avatars say about them, not only their personalities, but their writing styles as well. Well, either that or just the pretty ones all got together and decided they were all going to write for hubpages. I like the Avatar you have, assuming it is really you as it makes you look very sexy :)Sally: Thank you. I really wasn't looking for people to tell me not to worry about my old one - I'm not - but I really am thinking about changing it. Wanted to also let you know that I was going to put yours in here (I even stole it and put it in my folder). I think it wworks for you and mirrors your personality. I'm glad I did :) This was a huuuugely fabulously funny hub!! it's great that you saw it, but i would have let you know to come and look at it since you are in it. You seem like a nice enough guy, but I had to vote for babyface, on general principle.

But there was a little seed planted deep in the mysterious recesses of my mind. The evil seed grew and I began to question my choice in avatars. I don't recall very much about those early years, truthfully. He used to say to everyone who would listen, "I can't believe it. This invokes a sense of travel and adventure, or perhaps peace and tranquility. Their favorite hobby is investigating haunted houses. Simple black and white drawings can be very effective. Their avatars say a lot more about these excellent writers than first meets the eye. I had no idea that all the women in India were this good looking. The avatar receiving the most votes will be used until PM, Oct. But seriously, you are a gentleman in every way, a talented writer and gracious person, and your current avatar expresses you beautifully. Can't see many sexy Indian Women called Christoph though! On the other hand, maybe Christoph is feeling he needs a change. SALLY: I really had no idea y'all looked at it like that. Reminds me like the other girls of a respectful and sexy man. However, I was stalking misty (geeesh...between all of us..seems we stalk each other a lot) and I saw her duck in here so I had to look too. which unfortunately is not as common as it should be Your hub is an absolute hoot I just love it regards Zsuzsy I was just in the Hubbers Hangout, and Shadesbreath told me you were talkin' smack about my mother! I think your original avatar goes with your writing style. We smile when we see the avatar, then laugh when we read the hub. I might tell weren't part of the enemy camp.

I lived there the first few years of my life but I was never really sure why. There are no other avatars like this one on the site. As for habitat, they can often be found working as painters, plumbers, and waiters at fancy parties. An ideal place to find them is near any office of the law firm of "Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe. I hope that it creates a sense of drama while raising the interest of the potential reader. This one is FINGERS IN DOORThere are several beautiful Indian Girl avatars being used here at hubpages. I see that I am the first to vote, and apparently the first to read. Trish1048 and I both agree that you have that Gene Autry aspect about you, and we love it, because it reminds us of her father, and that may be the single reason you want to change it! I do love the horrific "baby face" picture I have to admit. This current avatar is appealing to women and an example to men who would like to be. Misha, thanks for saying my face is pretty, that's very sweet, but I think the picture of the iris is pretty also and kind of sexy if you think about it like a picture by Georgia O'Keefe. Christoph, I have decided that I like your original too. By the way, I nearly missed this hub because somebody had once written a hub with a similar title and I thought it was the same one. but I was shocked in a movie the African American man openly calling the other African American man with the N.. What I am trying to say is when we are part of some background or group we don't feel so bad about such jokes but when others mention than it may seem hurting. Hey, maybe you already knew that but it was such a good idea for a hub that you had to write about it. Then after the week is over go back to the original please (after voting for the baby you'll do me that favor I'm sure) Seriously the original is unique, gentlemanly... ;)(Picks herself up from swoon, mops brow, frantically fans face with hanky, changes knickers, clears throat). Still sounds like your original is winning the most support, not sure I would swoon over the baby, but think it could be funny for a week. I like your original avatar and it reminds me of John Ritter as well - the time he sang one of his father's songs on Austin City Limits or a similar show. And I DO Like to stand in shadows observing...until the time is right to strike. When this is over, I'll be "hunting wabbits."Gamewarden: You wish to know where I found a particular picture?

It makes you wonder about this person standing before a world globe. A childhood photograph is like a time capsule, evoking a simpler way of life and a reminder of the human march forever onward. It was taken by the good doctors at the mayo clinic. "Oh, yea, it's the jackalope guy." Instantly readers know who the writer is and what style of writing they're likely to find once they get there. Another little known and misunderstood animal is the Stooges Squirrel. They are inseparable and like to eat a variety of soups, roasted turkeys, and anything that stretches. This started as a photo of me playing the guitar and singing, and then drawn in pencil when I was teaching myself to draw a long time ago. Rather than singing, It looks more like I'm getting my fingers slammed in a car door, but, c'est la vie. Thanks for your comment which is appreciated.@misty..are right. And that's another reason for keeping it, to be an example to young men who want to get their points across to both men and women, without looking like idiots. It's just a bit of a "just published" rush, but being busy would be cool too. Sorry Christoph for using your hub as a chat zone, but I was wanting to tell Misha something. There are certain things which we are taught not to say in public (like calling an African American person as N... In fact, I think your current avatar reflects approachability, humor, warmness, and, yes, manliness. Baby for a week or nothing as far as I'm concerned. But hey, by all means, pamper and spoil him to the bone.

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