Internal database error occurred saving updating list of dating sites for women

ID = 6; //I just hardcoded in 6 to make sure i wasent because of the new Id //thing, and i have checked if theres already something on the sixths spot as well.

internal database error occurred saving updating-40

Save Highscore() in Matematik Spil Menu\Save Bunnies Sceen.cs:line 173 at Matematik Spil Menu. Update(Game Time game Time, Boolean other Screen Is Active, Boolean covered By Other Screens) in C:\Users\Etarnalazure-Alien\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\Matematik Spil Menu\Matematik Spil Menu\Matematik Spil Menu\Save Bunnies Sceen.cs:line 110 at Matematik Spil Menu. Update(Game Time game Time) in Matematik Spil Menu\Screen Manager.cs:line 101 at Microsoft.

Host Idle(Object sender, Event Args e) at Microsoft.

Application Idle(Object sender, Event Args e) at System.

FPush Message Loop(Int Ptr dw Component ID, Int32 reason, Int32 pv Loop Data) at System.

been looking around and i just cant seem to figure out what is wrong.

Currently i'm trying to update my database with a new highscore when ever the player dies.

But it keeps throwing that exception at me, no matter what i choose to try and save.

Code: High Score hs = new High Score(); var id = from i in db.

Run Message Loop Inner(Int32 reason, Application Context context) at System.

Run Message Loop(Int32 reason, Application Context context) at System.

Main() in Matematik Spil Menu\Game1.cs:line 120 Inner Exception: System. Entity Command Compilation Exception Message=An error occurred while preparing the command definition.


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