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We are out of bedrooms in our house and have been hoping to build.I’m at the point where I wanted to really focus on my writing career after getting our three kids to the age where they are more independent.

I’m scared that my relationship with my husband will be placed under some major strain.

I’m scared that I can’t handle the worry and stress that caring and loving a whole new person will bring. Where did we get this notion that having more than 2.5 children is somehow a bad thing?

I’m scared that I can’t be a good mother to four children. That fertility and life is something that can be so easily controlled, manipulated, and only allowed under the most perfect of circumstances?

Well, the word is out: I am pregnant with my fourth baby.

And even as I type those words, I can’t believe they are real, because I really, really did not want to be pregnant right now.

There were many reasons why we were trying to delay having our fourth and final child.

Although we both felt that our family wasn’t quite complete, and knew that someday we would eventually have another baby, I still wasn’t ready for that “someday” to become “today.”{ MORE: Giving Birth 10 Times Reduces Your Risk of Cancer } I wanted to wait—the pure and simple reason being that I am tired after having three children in four years; I still haven’t even lost the weight I gained from my third pregnancy.

And then, of course, I found out that I was pregnant. I just couldn’t believe it—we had been trying so hard to avoid pregnancy at all costs.

Did I mention we are going to Mexico in a few days?

The truth is that I am pretty much scared senseless to have a fourth baby. I feel like I can’t be ready, and at some level, I am throwing a mom-sized temper tantrum, stomping my foot and saying, I’m scared that I will be fat forever.

I’m scared that my writing career, just starting to take off, will come to a halt.

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