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Grenouille: SHOW US THE GUEST CAM PLEASE moccie: f*** JEWS swiggs: This is a great piss up!!! Milk Snake: BIGGERN TWERK Psycho Chiller: YOU ADMIT TO KNOWING WHAT YOUR DADS BALLS LOOK LIKE MRPINK1977: Stay handsome hayden facepalm: They see me trollin' dirty, trollin' dirty, trollin' dirty bf2skrilla: say my name Kobe: IVE HAD WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!!!

eviltwins: YOUR MUM LOVES SPUNK Pixels Of Deception: .. Cheeseman: Take off that awful Halloween mask Hayden. stiffmeister X: NICE AND BOLD insanityprofound: ask Bigern if he wants to smoke a fag Smudgen: LOL Rhemis: yoshiegg2000: Thanks for the site and all the work you put into it, I have been here since Orgish. Iwouldprefernotto: ROMANIA DOESNT EXIST Kobe: TRUFFLE SHUFFLE!!! Civil Protection: BIGERN HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY BY MOWING LAWNS?

Shady NJ: So many trolls Bill Carson: border control must have asked him something or at least get the laterx glove out sirmemo: BIGGERN Grenouille: WE NEED GUEST VOLUME GOD DAMN IT! Sn Ag: We need guest Camera ZOOMED plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! Age Of Strife: he's a really nice guy, when he's telling others to die Human waste: turn off the caps you guys, geez Captain_Obvious: Nice guy weith a gangsta mentality which is a funny personality mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE bigdick: juden hier nicht erwünscht Grenouille: WE NEED GUEST VOLUME GOD DAMN IT! Dmanfig: LOL Hayden is awesome Freejay: I eat these Jew haters for breakfast MADMAX811: Speak American cant understand you sicko-of-99dom: why did you not act like this in front of p AXMAN Grenouille: BIG ERN STAND UP Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HES A FAT CUNT GP1969: WELL AT LEAST YOU LAUGH LIKE A FAG plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! whatsnext: HAYDEN ARM WRESTLE BIGERN GP1969: BIGERN, WHERE ARE THE CHICKS YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO F U C K? plkiller: I WON'T STOP TIL BIGERN TWERKS MADMAX811: YOUR A SEXY MAN BIG EARN WHATS TO HAVE YOUR BABY justhinkin: W A N K E R S W A N K A T R O M A N I A N C A M W H O R E S Biscuits: bigern is a gangsta alekffs: truffle shufffleeeeeee bran: MINCHIA LOOKS GREAT!!

Sircliffe: muh six trillion Dick Barf: Free Jay is cool. Civil Protection: YEAH BIGERN YOU BIG CUNT f*** plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! Silentgal: Does stroking your Facial hair turn you on?

Psycho Chiller: facepalm, the person about you Kokain: Make this show interesting finally! Mc Decent: lol Say Whaaat: you have more hair on your chin than your head, your head look like its on upside down Fatbastard Returneth: LOL MADMAX811: LOL plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! Human waste: hahahahah ninjagoat: i agree bran: HAHAHAH Milk Snake: when did you get so fat hayden?

facepalm: ^The person about me is a complete TROLL Psycho Chiller: YOU NEED TO CLEAN YOUR DAD'S SACK HAIRS OFF YOUR CHIN BRO bran: I LOVE CUNTS Age Of Strife: there needs to be a cunt meter Human waste: i was refering to the incessant CAPS jimcricket1: HAHA Iwouldprefernotto: PUMPKIN NOW LIVE ON LIVE JASMIN The Gentle One: here the wind blow Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HES A FAT CUNT Liveleak Staff (21): Gristle, yes, you are Milk Snake: less chit chat more halloween tits mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE Smudgen: 6 Owen Higgins: Its like a list of people who need to be banned whatsnext: HAYDEN you rule! Say Whaaat: lmao Maltenn: SHINY BALDNESS The Gentle One: i hope paxman isnt watching this Grenouille: SHOW US THE GUESTS CAM PLEASE HAYDEN Breakx1: flip the middle figer to us all moccie: WHY ARE THERE SO MUCH RACISTS ON LIVELEAK HAYDEN ?

Maltenn: The moon came early today Romania OWNS Europe: I AM THE LEADER OF JEW HATERS Rhemis: Videotape: you've not made it on LL until Hayden calls you a cunt Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HES A FAT CUNT Sam Shepard: You cunt say that !! Red Stone: accept siouxie evansd on skype Chong: I LOVE CUNT Smile Giygas Fetus: If you aren't a cunt I don't want to know you. ernie2skidoo: cf***unt MRPINK1977: Stay handsome hayden fairycake: Eat yourself Freejay!!!! ernie2skidoo: smash the pumkin on Enrs head Dmanfig: conect111 is funny Grenouille: SHOW US THE GUESTS CAM PLEASE Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HES A FAT LOOSER Serieus: Seven Spazmatron: lol jimcricket1: SHINY HEAD! mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE Ma XTh Re AT: What does the pumpkin say??? Mc Decent: we're all cunts Dick Barf: ----IS THAT PRINCESS DI'S SKULL? Serieus: Six jimcricket1: Hayden you should put a condom on that head eviltwins: HAYDEN IS A COOL GUY... Fuite_En_Direct: big ern to the mic moefugger: Maybe you are like me, I grow plenty of hair but just not on my head. eviltwins: B0LL0CKS sicko-of-99dom: t ALKING HEADS Mc Decent: h OW DO YOU KNOW IT'S WHITE? Grenouille: WE DONT CARE MAKE BIGERN TWERK PLEASE mrlentil: TWERKING MAEICAN Turtlepower: move the mic closer justhinkin: i can t read all comments Cool Qcumber: nuncius_mortis: focking shit load of technical problems as always I am getting tired of this! Civil Protection: HAHAHA THEY SEEN MY COMMENT BIGERN IS A RIGHT CUNT Kokain: Should have invited Vlad the impeller Psycho Chiller: I feel like this needs to be raided, thats how shit I think it is, but I don't think it's worth it Freejay: Cheers freeman mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE Nooop: liveleak live is about them telling the viewers that they are better then you alekffs: BIGERN TRUFFLE SHUFFLE... - ninjagoat: Bald b****** slimslim: turn ya head the right way up fairycake: JEW FAG? dirtyarris: lmao The Gentle One: poor ern must be board to tears] Maltenn: YES jimcricket1: ROMANIA DOESNT EVEM EXIST Mc Decent: lol eviltwins: HAYDEN IS A COOL DUDE... motorhedd: I'm in camo mode Chong: GYPSY CUNT Psycho Chiller: WHAT IS A HOOB CAP Civil Protection: BIGERN IS A FAT AZTEC khara: Hello, all. Ma XTh Re AT: Lets all take a swill at the same time! ninjagoat: Im irish i ( Fatbastard Returneth: My balls itch dillknob: whats with the hello kitty Biscuits: I like biscuits Mr Slave: Funny how people complain about the show but do everything to ruin it Age Of Strife: Gypsys Psycho Chiller: f*** HAYDEN AND f*** LIVELEAK sock: Hayden, I dare you to touch Ern's sack Sn Ag: SLIDE THE CAMERA FORWARD! Its 12 PM over there xerodfx: HAYDE HAS SEEN MORE POLE IN HIS FACE THAN A STRIP CLUB plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! dirtyarris: pond life who are probably 12 year old and never seen a ladies poontang Milk Snake: biggern for president bigdick: im german i hate juden Human waste: stop yelling fags Grenouille: WE NEED GUEST VOLUME GOD DAMN IT! insanityprofound: whos the dead female on the right side? The Gentle One: mrlentil: your a f***in lunatic Milk Snake: CUNT Sn Ag: yell cunt then Civil Protection: WHAT BIGERN IS A FAT CUNT Videotape: but you can see a ladies poontang really easy on the internet isisfliir: GROOW HAIR U FAGGG justhinkin: what the f*** is that skull and the lil' pokemon figure on the table ? Owen Higgins: CIGARETTES Smudgen: HELL YEAH alekffs: BIGERN TRUFFLE SHUFFLE... moefugger: Guy has his volume up klopower: BRB TAKING A SHIIIIIT Human waste: not you Jobo Cop: excused Psycho Chiller: No one called you a fag, you fag jimcricket1: FAG Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HES A FAT CUNT Mc Decent: lmao bran: HAHAHAHA Kokain: Big smile awesome comment plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! mrlentil: MEXICAN MIDGET DANCE lysrg25: mrlentil~ If You keep typing in bigern do the truffle shuffle,every 20 seconds, I will personally smash your fa*e in willantz: lmao Smudgen: THANKS FOR PREMIUM GUYS Age Of Strife: is that alice cooper all the way to the right? swiggs: LMFAO Big smile facepalm: Hayden, any Romas trying to break in or squat against your blue door outside? Nah, it's just that we cannot see the NON -REFLECTIVES ! Here's the transcript from the chat from the live show tonight. Agent X: BIT LOUDER hazey07: homos bf2skrilla: Why aren't you losers getting drunk? Cheers Romania OWNS Europe: HAYDEN HAS A PERSONAL VENDETA AFAINST ME Grenouille: WE NEED GUEST VOLUME GOD DAMN IT! alekffs: Tongue Zeaux: I HAVE NO AUDIO Rhemis: test Owen Higgins: they are kids plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! facepalm: He means for the forum to stop yelling, all the caps mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE Barrackbar Osama: GUEST VOLUME WOULD BE GREAT plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! GICRI6: Cunt see shit More Than Your Mum: balls Jobo Cop: ajjaja Iwouldprefernotto: HELLO KITTY FIST EXPERIENCE ON LIVE JASMIN Kobe: LETS SEE THOSE TITS Duke Brazi: *Waiting for Hayden's "Garden-say"* Wink Cheers Gristle: lol bf2skrilla: WHY DOESNT THAT EMO IN THE CORNER TALK!!!! ernie2skidoo: lol Sn Ag: bsn sloop Bad Buzz Killa: Just tuned in for the occasional swearing, but twerking would be a bonus Sky Wal K_VR: HAHAAHHAA J_ca07: 2spooky plkiller: BIGERN TWERK! ginopascali: bigern aint jew he is mexican Freeman0092: I am german, i hate germans moefugger: 1663 ratscules in here Duke Brazi: Freejay is a great guy - who always gets shit cause of his flag - he's one of the best Mc Decent: good GP1969: BIGERN s u c k s mrlentil: MAKE BIGERN DO THE TRUFFLE SHUFFLE Xcriscofist X: whats the email anyone Mr Slave: You got under their skin Freejay. facepalm: haha Shady NJ: haha ernie2skidoo: lol eviltwins: LOL ninjagoat: Big smile Grenouille: SHOW US THE GUEST CAM PLEASE moefugger: He said Bro Dmanfig: keep it going Hayden ! Mc Decent: touché Psycho Chiller: I never admitted it drblodski: I thought you were awesome on newsight bro Romania OWNS Europe: HAYDEN LIKES TO TORTURE SMALL ANIMALS gutzbravo: fart...Kobe: YOU DICKS TALK TOO MUCH fizzyhund: SAD SIGHT jimcricket1: CAUSE WE CAN! Civil Protection: HAYDEN TELL BIGERN HOW DOES HE MAKE FUNNY bf2skrilla: WHY DOESNT THAT EMO IN THE CORNER TALK!!!! Shady NJ: sausage fest Human waste: I need a beer Grenouille: EPIC SIMPLY EPIC Dick Barf: Why does the pumpkin say KED?

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